Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is SEO ? SEO On Page and SEO Off Page Optimization - How to Get Higher Rankings in Search Engine by Doing SEO Activities

What is Search Engine Optimization?

To optimize your website in search engines and get better rankings in search engines is called as Search Engine Optimization also named as SEO. To get better rankings in Organic results of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) is called as SEO. It is one of free method without giving any charges. It is also called as Search Engine Marketing.

Mostly website owner want to see their website in search engine like Yahoo, Bing, Google especially in Google Search Engine.

With the following activates you can do SEO for your website.

SEO is basically of Two Types

On Page Optimization: On Page Optimization is activity which performed on the website pages.

Following are the Types of On Page Optimization

(1) Analysis of Website
(2) Keyword Analysis (Using Different Analysis Tools)
(3) Meta Tags (Title, Description and Keywords Optimization)
(4) URL Optimization
(5) Image Optimization (Alt Tag)
(6) Internal Linking
(7) Content
(8) Google Webmaster Tools
(9) Bing Webmaster Tools
(10) Yahoo Site Explorer
(11) Alexa Tag Optimization
(12) 404 Redirection
(13) 301 Redirection
(14) Robots.txt file
(15) Sitemap Notepad
(16) Sitemap.xml
(17) RSS Feed
(18) PAD File
(19) Feedburner
(20) H1, H2, and Uses of Bold Tags
(21) Make Submission Details
(22) Internal Articles
(23) Keyword Density

Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization done on other websites without doing any activities on the page

Following are the Types of Off Page Optimization

(1) Link Building (Including One Way, Two Way, Three Way Link Building)
(2) Bookmark Submission (Also Called as Social Media Optimization) (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.)
(3) Article Submission
(4) Press Release
(5) Directory Submission
(6) Deep Link Submission
(7) Yellow Page Listing
(8) Local Listing
(9) Forum Submission
(10) Document Sharing
(11) Video Submission
(12) Answer Submission
(13) Classifieds Submission
(14) Comment Posting
(15) Using Profile Making
(16) Email Marketing
(17) Newsletter
(18) Group Makings
(19) Logo Sharing


  1. Great share friend. I have read all your post here and found it interesting to read. In fact i was able to take note all of the valuable information i was gathered. Thanks

  2. In my opinion SEO is one of the best online marketing technique that can increase the traffic on a particular website or webpage in a very short duration of time.

  3. Your onpage and off page seo list contain everything which i ever heard of in field of SEO. and i am sure most of the SEO Company even don't know all about these terms