Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Google is Celebrating Gioachino Rossini 220th Birthday - Leap Year by Making Google Doodle

220th birthday (Leap Year) - 29th February 2012 Birthday of Gioachino Rossini

Today, is 29th February 2012, a leap year and birthday of Gioachino Rossini and Google is celebrating Gioachino Rossini 220th birthday (Leap Year) by making a great Google Doodle.

Gioachino Rossini 29th Feb 2012 Google Doodle

About Gioachino Rossini

According to wikipedia, Gioachino Antonio Rossini (29 February 1792 – 13 November 1868) was an Italian composer who wrote 39 operas as well as sacred music, chamber music, songs, and some instrumental and piano pieces. He was born into a family of musicians in Pesaro, a town on the Adriatic coast of Italy which was then part of the Papal States.

40 Changes in Google - Google Algorithm Update - February 2012

Google official announced 40 changes for February in Google Algorithm. If you are looking for these changes then you can read out here

1) More coverage for related searches
2) More coverage for related searches
3) Less duplication in expanded sitelinks
4) More consistent thumbnail sizes on results page
5) More locally relevant predictions in YouTube
6) More accurate detection of official pages
7) Refreshed per-URL country information
8) Expand the size of our images index in Universal Search
9) Minor tuning of autocomplete policy algorithms
10) “Site:” query update
11) Improved detection for SafeSearch in Image Search
12) Interval based history tracking for indexing
13) Improvements to foreign language synonyms
14) Disabling two old fresh query classifiers
15) More organized search results for Google Korea
16) Fresher images
17) Update to the Google bar
18) Adding three new languages to classifier related to error pages
19) Improvements to travel-related searches
20) Data refresh for related searches signal
21) International launch of shopping rich snippets
22) Improvements to Korean spelling
23) Improvements to freshness
24) Web History in 20 new countries
25) Improved snippets for video channels
26) Improvements to ranking for local search results
27) Improvements to English spell correction
28) Improvements to coverage of News Universal
29) Consolidation of signals for spiking topics
30) Better triggering for Turkish weather search feature
31) Visual refresh to account settings page
32) Panda update
33) Link evaluation
34) SafeSearch update
35) Spam update
36) Improved local results
37) Flight Search on mobile
38) Improved health searches
39) Better related searches for images
40) Upcoming concert dates

You can read all 40 changes in details by visiting Search quality highlights: 40 changes for February on Inside Search (Official Google Blog)

Friday, February 24, 2012

BSNL Launched New Tablets T-Pad IS701R, T-Pad WS704C, T-Pad WS802C - Starting Price Rs 3,499

BSNL Launched New Tablets

Aakash Tablet
is already announced by Indian Government. Now Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) launched new three Tablets and the starting price of one of tablet is only Rs. 3,499. Actually, BSNL has launched three tablets which are made by Pantel (a Noida based Information Technology and Communication devices hardware company)

Names of Three Tablets

1) T-Pad IS701R

T-Pad IS701R BSNL 3000 Rs. New Tablet

2) T-Pad WS704C


3) T-Pad WS802C

BSNL T-Pad WS802C Tablet

Price of Tablets

1) T-Pad IS701R - Rs 3,499
2) T-Pad WS704C - Rs 10,999
3) T-Pad WS802C - Rs 13,500


1) Affordable and quality hardware.
2) Interactive and easily understood content.
3) Robust and affordable carrier service.
4) Friendly and safe customer service.

If you want to order any of the above said tablet then you can buy BSNL Tablets online from Pantel website.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Buy Google Branded T Shirts?

Buy Google Branded T Shirts from Google Online Store

Do you love Google? and want to wear Google branded T Shirts and looking for Google store to buy T Shirts online. Then you can choose any of below mentioned T Shirts by visiting Google Online Store.

There are variety of T Shirts available in the store some of good one are as follows

Google TV T-Shirt
Chrome T-Shirt
Organic Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Organic Basic T-Shirt
Ladies Black is Back T-Shirt
Google Map T-Shirt
Ladies Bella Favorite T-Shirt in 4 colors
Google Maps Biking T-Shirt
Android Restroom Sign T-Shirt
YouTube Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Black
YouTube Organic cotton T-shirt - White
Ladies Android Heart T-Shirt

Buy Google T Shirts Online from Google Store

If you love Google then you can buy Google T Shirts by visiting Google Online Store

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Electromagnetic Waves Google Doodle on Heinrich Hertz 155th Birthday

Google Doodle on Hertz Birthday

Today, (22nd February 2012) is birth date of great physicist Heinrich Hertz who was founder of electromagnetic theory of light. Google is celebrating Hertz birthday by making Google Doodle on his 155th birthday.

Google made Google Doodle like an electromagnetic waves and it is looking very interesting.

Google Doodle on Hertz Birthday

I think science students like me will really like this Google Doodle.

Google Toolbar for Firefox has been Discontinued

If you are using Google Toolbar on daily basis then a sad news for you i.e. Google Toolbar for firefox has been discontinued, Its an announcement from the official Google Blog

Google Announced here www.google.com/intl/en_uk/toolbar/ie/index.html

There will be no further updates or security fixes to Google Toolbar for Firefox. For this reason, we strongly recommend discontinuing the use of the toolbar. Also, see our Help Centre for suggestions for add-ons and built-in browser features that provide functionality similar to the toolbar.

We’d like to thank everybody who used Google Toolbar for Firefox and helped us make it a compelling product.

I think this news is not good for those who want to see Google page rank on Google Toolbar.

Make Heart in Google Search by Typing Mathematical Equation

How to can Make Heart in Google Search by Typing any Query?

Google made Google Doodle on valentine's day. Today, I found an interesting mathematical equation query related to Valentine's day, But you can also use this trick for any special day.

Type the following query in Google search box an hit enter

sqrt(cos(x))*cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5

The above query will return you heart (graph). Actually, its an mathematical equation which can be used for making heart in graphical form.

Make Heart in Google

This query can also be example of amazing tricks with Google

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Make Attractive Ads in Google Adwords for PPC Campaign?

If you are a PPC Executive or PPC Manager and running adwords campaign for your client's project and looking for solution to how to make attractive ads then here you can find the solution for making attractive ads.

Tips for Making Attractive Ads

1) Make unique Title of ad (Make product title, your business title)

2) Try to includes offers, prices, discounts and promotions

3) Use keyword in the add (Do keyword analysis with Google adwords keyword tool)

4) Use Title of ad in URL (In landing page)

Examples of Attractive Ads


1st Ad Copy

Photo Studio Kit
Buy photo studio kit
Free shipping 25% discount.


2nd Ad Copy

MBA Admission 2012
MBA from top college
Register Now for scholarship.


Hope these tips will increase your click through rate and will increase your client's online business.

Screenwise - A New Panel by Google - How Everyday People Use the Internet

Google is building a new panel of a few thousand people to learn more about how everyday people use the Internet

The panel - called Screenwise - is similar to those used by many market research companies. This panel is designed to help us understand web usage better - such as what times of day people browse, how long they stay on websites and what types of sites are popular (or not). As a Screenwise Internet Trends panelist, you'll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and how you use them. What we learn from you, and others like you, will help us improve Google products and services and make a better online experience for everyone.

What's in it for you? Up to $25 in gift cards. Our panel management partner, Knowledge Networks, will give you a $5 Amazon.com Gift Card code instantly when you become a Screenwise Internet Trends panelist. Then you’ll get additional $5 Amazon.com Gift Card codes every three months for staying with it. It's our way of saying "Thank you."

To be eligible to join, you must be 13 or older, have a Google Account (or sign up for one), and be ready to use the Google Chrome browser.

Source: www.google.com/landing/screenwisepanel

Google Ads - Use 160x600 Wide Skyscraper, 728x90 Leaderboard, 300x250 Medium Rectangle and Earn Extra Money with Your Website

Earn Money with Additional Ad Unit - Google Ads

If you are using Google Adsense for you website or blog and want to earn more money then you can use the ad units which are describing in below mentioned video. Actually, Google Adsense tips and recommendations make a small video by which Adsense Publisher can understand where to place ads for better earnings. (I personally think it might be the new
Adsense Heat Map)

Google Adsense is recomeddning to use the following Ad units with your original content.

a) 160x600 Wide Skyscraper
b) 728x90 Leaderboard
c) 300x250 Medium Rectangle

And you can earn more by placing ads according to this video.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Google Doodle - Boy Proposing Girl with Red Rose

Google is Celebrating Valentine's Day with Google Doodle

If you are using Google.com for date 14th February 2012 i.e. Valentine's Day then you will notice Google made a lovely logo for this day.

Google Celebrating Valentine's Day

Click the Play Button on this Doodle You will be redirected to Youtube.com where you can see a animated boy and girl video.

Boy wants to give red rose to girl.

Boy proposing with red rose

Girl refused his red rose.

Girl refused boy's red rose

I think its the great doodle made by Google on this special day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Google Recommending Use Lightweight Versions, Blogger, Google Sites, Static HTML Pages for Your Website

Many webmasters saying their traffic is dropped from last many days whether its a Page Fold Algorithm or Google Panda Update. But how to recover from these.

Google recommending some points which might be helpful for the webmasters to get back their traffic.

Actually, Google Webmaster Central Blog update a post about Preparing your site for a traffic spike and the main points of this post as follows.

(1) Prepare a Lightweight Version of Your Site

Google recommending prepare a lightweight version of your website. Try to exclude images and flash from your website and try to use Static HTML pages rather than Dynamic HTML pages.

(2) Take Advantage of Stable Third-Party Services

Try to choose good hosting company. Google recommending Blogger, Google Sites

(3) Use Lightweight File Formats

Google recommending not to use PDF files in your website rather to use PDF files use plain HTML files.

(4) Make Tabular Data Available in CSV and XML Formats

If you offer numerical or tabular data (data displayed in tables), Google recommend also providing it in CSV and/or XML format.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Above the Fold Algorithm - Is Your Website affected by this Algorithm?

What is Above the Fold Algorithm?

"Above the fold" is a graphic design concept that refers to the location of an important news story or a visually appealing photograph on the upper half of the front page of a newspaper, or in case of webpages, the part of a page that's visible without scrolling.

When Google Introduce Above the Fold Algorithm?

Google introduce above the fold algorithm on 19th January 2012.

Many Webmaster are Saying - Huge Decreased in Traffic

After this algorithm, many webmasters around the world are saying their website traffic and online (adsense) earnings has been decreased. Some webmaster are saying they lost near about 50% of traffic.

Did You Notice Change in Traffic for Your Website?

Did you notice decrease in traffic for your website. Actually, I found many complaints regarding this algorithm because many webmaster lose almost half of traffic.

Some Webmaster are Saying Adsense Earnings has been Decreased

Many webmaster are saying their adsense earnings has been decreased and they are complaining in many forums.

How to Recover from Above the Fold Algorithm?

According to Google, remove the ads or use lesser ads above the fold, because using too may ads above the fold is not good for user point of view. After removing ads Google will revisit your website and you might be recover by this method aand this process can take 2 weeks to 5 weeks and its depends upon the pages of your website.

Did your website affected by this algorithm? then post a comment about your experience about "above the fold algorithm".

Monday, February 6, 2012

Google PageRank Update on 6th February 2012

Google First PR Update for Year 2012

Yesterday, I wrote a post when will be Google PR update in 2012? and today on 6th February 20012, Google updated PR. Its a good news for those who are waiting for PR update.

Google PR Update 2012 on 6th February 2012

If you did not check the PR for your website then you check your website PR.

Its the first time PR happened for the year 2012 and its the first PR update for year 2012. Usually, PageRank updates as four to five time in a year.

PageRank is defining the quality of website and its normally depends upon the number of backlinks. If you did not get PR then do not lose hope and try to write original content and try to get quality backlinks for your website and this is the only way you can get a valid PR.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When will be Google PageRank Update in 2012? Google PageRank Update Dates for Year 2011 and 2010

When will be Google PageRank Update in 2012?

Many peoples are saying PageRank is not important but Google has mentioned some where that pagerank is important for you website, and people are waiting for the first pagerank update which is not happened in year 2012.

Actually, PageRank (PR) is telling the quality of your website and that's why some webmasters are crazy about the pagerank and that's why many people want to know the actual pagerank happens dates but Google never disclose the page rank update dates.

Google always updating pagerank 4 times in a year and following are the expected Page Rank happen dates for the year 2012

Expected Page Rank Update Dates for Year 2012

1. 31st January 2012 - 1st February 2012 Page Rank did not happened - Update First PR Update on 6th February 2012

2. 30th June 2012 - 1st July 2012 Waiting (Update Page Rank Update on 3rd May 2012)

3. 30th September 2012 - 1st October 2012 Waiting

4. 30th December 2012 - 1st January 2013 Waiting

Last Year 2011 PageRank Updated Dates

Last year in 2012, Google update PR 5 times in a year

1. First Page Rank was updated on 21st January 2011

2. Second Page Rank PageRank updated on 27th June 2011

3. Third Page Rank PageRank updated on 18th July 2011

4. Fourth Page Rank PageRank updated on 4th August 2011

5. Fifth Page Rank PageRank updated on 7th November 2011

Important in Year 2010, PR was updated only once in a time and the date of PR updated was 3rd April 2010.

So, I personally think no one can predict the actual PR update dates.

How to Check Most Visited Pages, Recently Closed Pages and Apps in Google Chrome?

Are you using Google Chrome? and you could not found the option of most visited pages, recently closed pages and apps in Google Chrome browser, then here you can found the solution.

How to Check Most Visited Pages and Apps?

At the bottom of Google Chrome default page you will find the option of "Most Visited" and "Apps" by clicking them you can check the most visited pages and apps as showing below.

Most Visited and Apps Google Chrome

How to Check Recently Closed Pages?

At the bottom of Google Chrome default page you will find the option of "Recently Closed" as showing below.

Recently Closed Google Chrome

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Make Money With Affinity Ads - Join Affinity Publisher Network

Make Money With Affinity Ads

Do you have a website and want to earn money through ads by becoming publisher then a great opportunity for you to make some extra money with Affinity. You can became Affinity Publisher and made money with Affinity Ads

What is Affinity?

Affinity is a subsidiary of Hostway Corporation, Founded in 2006, Affinity is a high-performance, contextual online advertising network. It is in the business of powering technology that finds the right context for over 75,000 brands across the globe to initiate talking points.

I think its the great opportunity for those who want to make money with their website or blogs.

How to Add a DMCA Protection Badge to Your Website?

How to Protect Your Website with DMCA Badges?

Are you a website owner? and updating your website on regular basis and want to protect your website with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act Services) badges to prevent your content, images and graphics then you can add DMCA badges in your website.

DMCA Badges

Steps for Adding DMCA Badges to Your Website

Step 1: Register for a free account, here - www.dmca.com/badges/signup

Step 2: Log into the DMCA Protection Portal.

Step 3: Once logged in, you can navigate to "My Protected Pages" and

Step 4:
Click "Add New Page(s) to My Protection Plan"

Step 5: Pick a Badge you like,

Step 6: Copy the embed code, and

Step 7:
Paste it either in the footer of your website (to protect all pages with that footer), or on certain pages.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Junglee.com - Amazon New Store Name in India for Online Shopping

Amazon introduce Junglee.com which is online shopping portal of Amazon (India) and having 1.2 crore products and 14,000 brands, and you can purchase items directly from hundreds of retailers including Homeshop18, UniverCell, Hidesign, Gitanjali, The Bombay Store, Fabindia, Bata India Limited, Dabur Uveda, Microsoft India Store, Reebok, and Amazon.com

Good News for Retailers of India

Its a good news for retailers of India. Actually they can list their products in Junglee.com If you are a seller and want to sell your account on Junglee.com then visit Junglee Amazon Seller Account

How to buy products on Junglee?

You cannot buy directly from Junglee. Junglee puts you in touch with sellers by directing you to their websites, displaying their customer service phone numbers and providing their physical store locations to help you buy the products directly from sellers.

Currently, hundreds of online and offline Indian sellers, and Amazon.com list their products on Junglee.

Share your thoughts about Junglee.com

Adsense Earnings Increased or Decreased After Blogspot.com is Redirecting to Blogspot.in

Blogspot.com is Redirecting to Blogspot.in

You may already know that Blogspot.com is redirecting to Blogspot.in and many professional blogger are thinking about their adsense earning. Actually some professional blogger are thinking that their adsense earnings might be decreased.

What are You thinking? Your Adsense Earnings will Increase or Decrease?

This is the main query by many bloggers who are from India. Actually they are thinking their adsense earning might be decreased.

But, I personally think their may not be any huge difference with this change.

You can share your thoughts about this, If you feel your adsense earning is decreasing.