Thursday, August 30, 2012

Google Started a New Way of Promotion of Google Chrome - Above Black Bar Navigation Bar - Do You Like It?

Google Started a New Way of Promotion of Google Chrome

Google always using new way for promotion of Google Chrome. This time Google is experiment with a Blue background text above the black bar navigation on the Home Page of with promotional text as follows

Discover a faster way to browse the web. Install Google Chrome No thanks

Do You Like It?

What do you think about this new blue line on I personally feel Google want to promote their browser more and more that's why we are seeing this promotional text for Google Chrome on the Home Page of Google.

So, Do you like this idea? You can share your valuable thoughts about this.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Page Rank Update Third Time for Year 2012 - When will be Next Page Rank Update? November or December

Third PR Update on 2nd August 2012

Last PR which was second PR update for the year 2012 was happened on 3rd May, 2012. Now, third time, Google update Page Rank on 2nd August 2012. Many webmaster are discussing about the Page Rank, some got increase in Page Rank and some got decrease in Page Rank. Blogging Alerts which was previously PR 1, now got PR 2.

When will be Next (Fourth) Page Rank Update for Year 2012?

Normally, Google updates PR four times in a year. So, as per previous assumption for this year, I think next Page Rank update will be in November 2012 or December 2012.

How to Increase Page Rank for a Website?

If you want to increase your website Page Rank then try to make some good backlinks. I will prefer write unique content and make natural backlinks because good content will always got natural backlinks. And, I am sure If you made some quality backlinks then Google will surely assign good PR for your website.

Monday, August 27, 2012

How Google Adsense Statement of Earnings Format is Looking?

Google Adsense - Statement of Earnings

If you do not know, How Google Adsense, Statement of Earnings is looking? then you can get knowledge of Google Adsense Statment of Earnings from here.

If you are a publisher of Google Adsense and earned $100 or above then you will get Statement of Earnings as follows.

Google Adsense - Statement of Earnings

Each month Google issued payment from the following address.

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View CA 94043

Hope you are receiving or will receive a good amount of money from Google Adsense.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Google Panda Refresh on 20th August 2012 - We Can Say it Panda 3.9.1 or 4.0 - What Do You think?

Google Panda Refresh on Monday 20th August 2012

Last, Google Panda 3.9 refreshed on 24th July 2012. For month of August 2012, Google again refreshed Panda on dated 20th August 2012, which affects ~1% of queries.

Google official declared it on 22nd August 2012 on Twitter

Panda data refresh this past Monday. ~1% of queries noticeably affected. More context:

Google Panda - 20th August 2012

Did you notice any change in your Google rankings after this new Panda refresh? I think now Google updating Panda on every month, as it is happening from last many months.

We Can Say it Panda 3.9.1 or 4.0 - What Do You think?

We can say it Google Panda 3.9.1 or Google Panda 4.0. What do you think about new Panda update? Share your thoughts!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Billion Page Views and 150 Million Unique Visitor Received by Yahoo for London Olympics 2012

Do You Know What Did Yahoo Behind the 2012 Olympic Games?

As Google was busy for making doodle for each and every day for London Olympics 2012. Similar, Yahoo was also busy for updating the news related to London Olympics 2012.

Yahoo! published The Yahoos Behind the 2012 Olympic Games, according to this Yahoo received the following figures in terms of traffic.

Number of Page Views: 3 Billion

150 million unique visitors

And I think these are amazing traffic figures.

The 2012 Olympic Games were amazing, in more ways than one. Yahoo! surpassed 3 billion page views and reached 150 million unique visitors worldwide across computer, mobile and tablet platforms. The Yahoo! Sports team delivered a 24/7 Olympics experience with 25 local sites and 12 languages integrated with social features, essential stories, real-time data and gaming. Meet some of the team responsible for bringing the world the 2012 London Games: engineers, product and marketing managers from Yahoo! Sports, Mobile and Connected TV! 

Hope Google will also share their traffic figures for London Olympics 2012 .

What is Yahoo! Axis? How to Install Yahoo! Axis? Do You Like Yahoo! Axis a Different Type of Browser?

What is Yahoo! Axis?

Yahoo! Axis is a new type of web browser.

Yahoo, launched Yahoo! Axis, a new type of desktop browser extension and mobile browser on May, 23rd 2012. According to Yahoo, Yahoo Axis offers a faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews.

Yahoo! Axis

How to Install Yahoo Axis! in Your Desktop?

To install Yahoo! Axis on your personal computer then just visit Yahoo! Axis and follows the instructions.

Install Yahoo! Axis

Do You Like Yahoo Axis?

Yahoo! Axis is looking good and I experienced different type of browsing while using Yahoo Axis.

You can also share your valuable thoughts about Yahoo! Axis by giving comments!

How to Manage Google AdSense Account with Multiple Users?

Tips for Making Admin to Someone Else in Google Adsense

Google Adsense provides a very good opportunity for those who want to make admin to someone else in Adsense. You can add multiple users in Adsense who can access one Adsense account. You can make admin to your business partners, friends, employees or any other who is very close to you. This service is launched by Adsense in July 2012.

Steps for Making Admin to Others in Google Adsense?

(1) Log on to your "Google Adsense" account.

(2) Go to Account Settings (You can find on the left hand side bar below "Payments" section)

(3) Now find the option of "Access and authorization" and from where you can find a invitation offer box. Enter you friend Email ID or someone else email ID to whom you want to make admin (Make sure your friend should not have already Adsense account)

Google Adsense provide a very useful and helpful section for process for making Admin to someone else.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Google Added 13 New Languages in Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search - 13 New Languages

Previously, there was only one language i.e. English for Google Voice Search. Now a good news Google Voice Search Added 13 new languages. Hope there will be one of your national language, which Google added recently in voice search.

List of 13 Languages Added in Google Voice Search

You can try Google Voice Search in the below mentioned 13 languages

1) Basque
2) Bulgarian
3) Catalan
4) European Portuguese
5) Finnish
6) Galician
7) Hungarian
8) Icelandic
9) Norwegian
10) Romanian
11) Serbian
12) Slovak
13) Swedish

Did you try Google Voice Search in the above mentioned languages? What is your experience for using these languages in Google Voice Search. You can share your valuable comments!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Facebook Started Showing Trendy Articles in the Timeline - One of the Method to Promote Ads

What are Facebook Trendy Articles?

"Trendy Articles" are one of the trick by Facebook to promote their sponsors (we can say ads) Actually Today, I was using my Facebook account and I found a Trendy Article is showing on my Facebook Timeline which I think a sponsored ads by Facebook.

Facebook Trendy Articles - Example

What do You Think Its a Good Idea to Promote Ads?

I think Facebook completely want to grow their ads network and want to do anything to promote their ads. As I know, Facebook ads are not successful and their conversion rate is very low. Hope this method of ads will work for Facebook as they already tried showing ads after logout.

Do you like this idea by Facebook? You can share your valuable thoughts!!!

What is App Center? Find Great Social Games - Showing on - Do You Like New Home Page of

What is Facebook App Center? 

If you are using then you will notice Facebook has changed their Home Page from last two three days. A new image containing App Center (Find great social games) is showing on the home page on the Facebook (Previously there was a mobile photo which is now replaced by this image.) You can find great social games by clicking this image.

Actually it is an Application Center which is providing various Games and you can join any application or games for your own interest by clicking this image having direct URL is (

The two games The Ville and SimCity Social are showing on this image. (Might be these are sponsors)

Do You Like the New Home Page of Facebook?

I personally do not like the new home page of Facebook and it is looking very odd. You can also share your view about the new look of's Home Page.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update Google Made Doodle for Indian Independence Day

Google Made Doodle for Indian Independence Day

Recently, I write a post about No Doodle for Indian Independence Day. Update, Google made a beautiful doodle for Indian Independence Day. A peacock is looking very beautiful and best suited doodle for Indian Independence Day.

Indian Independence Day Doodle 2012

Google did not update at 12:00 am on 15th August 2012, I checked this doodle in the morning. (Might be Google was late for updating this doodle)

Happy 65th Independence Day to all readers!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google Doodle Celebrating Julia Child's 100 Birthday

Google Doodle Celebrating Julia Child's 100 Birthday by Making Beautiful Google Doodle

Today, on 15th August 2012, Google made beautiful doodle for Julia Child's.

Google Doodle Celebrating Julia Child Birthday

Who was Julia Child?

According to Wikipedia Julia Child was an American chef, author, and television personality. Child was born Joey Quilaton in Pasadena, California, the daughter of John McWilliams.

Google remembering Julia Child by making a great doodle for her.

Google's I'm Feeling Lucky, Trendy, Playful, Hungry, Puzzled, Stellar, Doodly, Artistic & Wonderful

Google I'm Feeling Lucky Button will Become I'm Feeling Wonderful, I'm Feeling Stellar, I'm Feeling Artistic, I'm Feeling Trendy, I'm Feeling Hungry, I'm Feeling Playful, I'm Feeling Puzzled, I'm Feeling Doodly When you hover your Mouse over I'm Feeling Lucky Button

Google did some changes with I'm Feeling Lucky Button. If you hover your mouse over I'm Feeling Lucky button then you will notice it will change to I'm Feeling Wonderful, I'm Feeling Stellar, I'm Feeling Artistic, I'm Feeling Trendy, I'm Feeling Hungry, I'm Feeling Playful, I'm Feeling Puzzled and I'm Feeling Doodly respectively. Google added new 8 buttons which are very useful and interesting.

Google Buttons - Changing while Hover Mouse Over I'm Feeling Lucky

Meaning of 8 New Buttons

If you do not know about these buttons then you can get the meaning of these buttons from here.

1) I'm Feeling Trendy: I'm Feeling Trendy will take you to hot searches (

2) I'm Feeling Playful: I'm Feeling Playful button will take you to random game where you can play the game. (

3) I'm Feeling Hungry: I'm Feeling Hungry button will return the search of the nearest restaurants to you.

4) I'm Feeling Puzzled: I'm Feeling Puzzled will take you to

5) I'm Feeling Stellar: I'm Feeling Stellar will take you to Google Earth (

6) I'm Feeling Doodly: I'm Feeling Doodly will take you to latest Google Doodle collections (

7) I'm Feeling Wonderful: I'm Feeling Wonderful will take you to world's wonderful projects by Google (

8) I'm Feeling Artistic: I'm Feeling Artistic will take you to random Google art project. (

I was Using Amazing Tricks with Google's I'm Feeling Lucky Button - How to do that Now?

If you were using I'm Feeling Lucky button for amazing tricks then you can also use it just off the Google Instant.

No Google Doodle for Independence Day - 15th August 2012

Surprising! Google did not make Doodle for Independence Day India on 15th August 2012

It is very surprising Google India did not make any Google Doodle for independence day i.e 15th August 2012. I was just waiting for Google Doodle Independence Day as Google made for the last year (15th August 2011) which as follows. 

Last Year Doodle for 15th August 2011

Why Google India Did not make Doodle for Independence Day?

I think Google India was busy with some another tasks that may be one of the reason or only Google India can answer this. Anyhow, hope Google India will made best doodle for the next year Independence Day on 15th August 2013.

Update Google made Doodle for Indian Independence Day 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Google's New Blue Favicon for - Did You Like New Favicon Introduced by Google?

Google's New Favicon in Blue Color

Recently, I wrote a post about Google Adsense New Favicon. I was just thinking Google introduced new favicon for Google Adsense only. But Now, I checked Google also changed their favicon for which is blue in color.

Google's New Favicon

Google's New Blue Favicon

Did You Like Google's New Blue Favicon?

I think you will surely like this favicon which is blue in color and looking very simple and beautiful.

Is it Testing by Google?

No, I do not think it is any testing by Google. Google just launched new favicon. But I could not found any official announcement about "New Favicon" by Google. I can only found near about three and half year old (posted on January 10, 2009) official post on Google Blog i.e. Google's New Favicon

How to Use Google as Calculator? Google Calculator New Interface

Google Calculator

Google is one of the best search engine I already explained why? Today, I want to guide you about how you can use Google as a proper calculator (including sin, cos, tan, 1/sin, 1/cos, 1/tan, log and many other options)

Google Calculator

 Steps for Using Google as Calculator

1) Open

2) Search any query something like 90+90 then you will find a new Google calculator interface will open from where you can use Google as proper calculator.


I want to multiply 76757*897, I just opened and there I searched the query 76757*897 and I got the result i.e. 68851029

Example - Google Calculator

Google Adsense New Favicon - Did You Notice It?

Google Adsense New Favicon.ico 

If you are a publisher of Google Adsense then you will notice Google has changed the Favicon for Google Adsense.

The new Favicon.ico is matched with the Google Adsense template and its looking very good.

Google Adsense New Favicon.ico

Did You Notice Google Adsense Changed the Favicon?

Today, I noticed it. Did you notice it? If you notice it then you can share your valuable thoughts at here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Google Doodle London 2012 Closing Ceremony

Bye Bye London Olympics 2012

Google Doodle is Celebrating London 2012 Closing Ceremony

Today, on 12th August 2012 is closing ceremony for London Olympics 2012 and Google made very beautiful doodle for London 2012 closing ceremony.

Google Doodle London 2012 Closing Ceremony

You can view Google Doodle for London Olympics 2012 closing ceremony by visiting (for 12th August 2012)

Thanks Google for making great Doodle for every day for London Olympics 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Google Doodle Rhythmic Gymnastics London Olympics 2012

Google Doodle for Rhythmic Gymnastics London Summer Olympics 2012

Today, on 11th August 2012 Google made beautiful Doodle for London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics.

London 2012 Rhythmic Gymnastics

Today, Google did not make game as Google made for Google Doodle Hurdle, Google Doodle Basketball, Google Doodle Slalom Canoe and Google Doodle Soccer.

But I think every one was excepting for new game from Google Doodle as I was. Might be Google did not make game for it because of it is difficult to play gymnastics.

Some sources are saying Google lost many revenue from last four days for making animated playing Google Doodle. I think people was excepting some interesting Doodles for tomorrow and for closing ceremony for London Olympics 2012 i.e on Sunday, 12th August 2012.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Now Its Time to Play Google Doodle Soccer 2012 - London Summer Olympics 2012 for 10th August 2012

Google Doodle Soccer 2012 - London Summer Olympics 2012

Today, on 10th August, 2012 Google again made one of the best Google Doodle Soccer for London Olympics 2012.

I think it is one of the best Doodle for playing soccer game.

Google Doodle Soccer 2012

Goal Keeper

How to Play this Doodle - Soccer Game?

You can play this game by visiting here Use the right and left arrow keys to stop the goal. For jump use the space bar key with the help of keyboard.

I played this soccer game and I made 26 scores after stopping 26 soccer balls (footballs) with two stars. I think it is the best score.

26 Score - My Record for Stopping Balls

If you made more score than this you can give your comments here. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe Game 2012 for London Olympics 2012

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe 2012 Game 

Today, 9th August 2012, Google Doodle made beautiful doodle for Slalom Canoe London Olympics 2012. Instead of saying it Doodle we can say it slalom canoe game which is very interesting to play. 

Starting - Slalom Canoe
At Middle
Finish Point
How to Play Slalom Canoe?

If you want to play slalom canoe game then just visit (for 9th August 2012) for permanent link you can play by visiting here For playing this game use the left and right arrow keys with the help of keyboard.

What is the Best Score for this Game?

I played this slalom canoe game on Google Doodle and I made it in 33.9 seconds and I got one star for this. I think it is not best score. Anyone can compete this score easily. So you can try this and share your score here.

People are Installing Keywords Software for Breaking Records - Not Good Idea

Some people are installing keyword software for arrow keys and space key for breaking records and they are cheating with Google. I think they are doing wrong things. I am recommending to all share your own original scores and try to make it manually without using any cracking software.

I think it is time for Google Doodle season and It is also one of the best and interesting game similar to Google Doodle Hurdle and Google Doodle Basketball

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Did You Play Google Doodle Hurdle Game Which Google Made for London Olympics 2012?

Play Google Doodle Hurdle

Yesterday On 7th August 2012, Google made beautiful Doodle for London Olympics Hurdle 2012. Actually, Google made a beautiful game for playing hurdle. Its very interesting to play this. Many IT professional or people who are using internet had already played this game and there might be many who did not know about this doodle.

Google Doodle - Hurdle London Olympics 2012

So, If you missed the opportunity to play Google Doodle Hurdle then do not be panic here you can play Google Doodle Hurdle 2012.

I Played the Google Hurdle Game Now - Very Interesting

I also missed the opportunity to play this game and I played this game right now and I completed hurdle with 12.9 seconds with two starts given by Google.

My Record - 12.9 Seconds

Google Doodle London Olympics Basketball 2012

Google Made Beautiful Doodle for London Olympics Basketball 2012

Yesterday, Google made amazing doodle for London Olympics Hurdles and Today, on 8th August 2012, Google again made very interesting Doodle for London Olympics Basketball 2012.

Google Doodle - London Olympics Basket Ball 2012

You can play basketball on Google Home page and Its very interesting to play this game.

I played this game and I scored 16 (One Star, You can get two star or three star it depends upon you how smartly you will play)

16 Score - 1 Star

How to Play?

Just visit or and you will see this amazing basket ball game. With the help of space key you can play this game.

Did You Play Basket Ball on

If you played basket ball on and you made good score then you can share you score here.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Facebook Started Showing Ads After Log Out

Facebook is Showing Ads After Log Out

If you are using Facebook then you might notice after Logout Facebook is showing ads. I am noticing it from last two three days. I think its a good idea by Facebook to show ads after logout because user might click on these ads.

Facebook Ads - After Logout

Did you like this Ides for Promoting Ads by Facebook?

You can share your valuable thoughts.

Have great Day and Happy Friendship Day 2012