Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to Change Font Style and Font Size of Your Blogger Description for New Blogger Templates ?

Changing Font Style and Font Size of Your Blogger Description

If you are using new Blogger Templates such as Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, Watermark, Ethereal and Travel Templates then you may notice there will be no option for changing font size and font style. See the image below which can be checked in Design -> Template Designer (Blogger Template Designer) -> Advanced -> Blog Description

To Change the font size and font style in these blogger template follow the following steps

Step 1: Go to Design

Step 2:
Go to Edit HTML Option

Step 3:
Backup Your Blogger Template

Step 4: Click on Expand Widget Templates

Step 5: Find this line <p class='description'><span><data:description/></span></p>

And add your font size and font style as follows

<p class='description' style='font-family: verdana; font-size: 13px;'><span><data:description/></span></p>

You can choose any font family and font size.

If you only want to change font style then use only font family option as follows

<p class='description' style='font-family: verdana;'><span><data:description/></span></p>

Hope, this trick will change the size of font and style of font of your blog description.


  1. Thank you so much. It worked!

  2. Excellent - this really helped. I put your code in the html widget with my page links (instead of using the Pages widget) which has made it more customisable.

    For some reason the Pages widget shows as a vertical bar (instead of horizontal) in IE, whereas it shows as a horizontal under the header when viewed in Firefox. Very odd... Hence, I've done my own links for my pages.

    Thanks for this brilliant tweak.

  3. Thanks, very helpful! I added position specs to move it just under my Title; looks pro.

  4. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge! You really helped me. Be blessed!

  5. Unable to find the term "<p class ..." anywhere.

  6. Thanks a lot. Worked fine.. you da man.

  7. Thank you..ya u really help me alot

  8. It's not working buddy...
    Tell me some other trick...


    I want to change post font size.

    I tried hard to accomplish it..

    But i m unable.. :(

    Plz help me..

  9. Does this not work for the Sue Ellen Francisco font?

  10. I couldn't find the code you mentioned above but kept working with it and figured it out. I added that code (with the font I wanted) to some other CSS I was adding to change the font size and it worked! I am so happy - and I know NOTHING about any of this stuff. Well, I guess now I do! Thank you!

  11. That was really simple - thank you so much!

  12. thanks...i used it and it worked perfectly

  13. Thanks! This worked great. Just took my blog forever to save the changes in HTML :)

  14. Thanks. That was a big help! Worked perfectly

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  16. thanks!!!!! VERY HELPFUL :)