Thursday, June 30, 2011

Logo1w - What is logo1w in Google ? Why Google give the Logo image name as logo1w ?

What is logo1w ?

logo1w is the name of Google logo. Its very interesting Google give their main logo name as logo1w.png and used image type as .png

Why Google give logo name as logo1w ?

I do not know, why Google has given the logo name as logo1w ? and I think Google did not use image optimization for this, because there was no use of giving name as logo1w.png. I think for better image optimization logo.png would be best and suitable name, but Google did not use this name.

After researching, I found that logo direct URL is (It is working)

I tried (return 404 Error Page)

Also, I tried (return 404 Error Page)

Both logo1.png and logo.png were not working. So, there may be any special reason Google give name as logo1w.png

Can you save Google logo directly ?

If you are using then can save Google logo. But if you are using or then you can not save image directly.

This means you can save logo of Google only from

(1) For

Open and right click on the Google's Logo and with this you can save image directly. See the image


(2) For or or for any other country

You will see their would be no option for saving Google's logo. See the snap shot below

Google Canada

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  1. Thank you for posting the information. But I couldnt find what I was looking for. Well, your and mine thoughts are same that why Google use logo1w.png. I am hunting for this and will update you afterwards. Keep sharing.

    1. Same here Sahu.. even i tried same what u tried.........
      classh :p

  2. weirder yet

    logo2w.png and logo3w.png also exist :)

  3. i prefer safari and mozilla firefox and internet explorer

  4. safari and fire fox aren't search engines genius^ and btw, can't you just drag and drop the logo to your desktop? haven't you ever thought of that?

  5. i just tried to drag and drop on you can't lol why do they do that? good observation guy

  6. Yes you are right actually following URL's are available for Google Logo


    Read here

  7. logo is actually the background for the page.
    This is the image URL:

  8. if you click on view background image you can save it directly

  9. Below are all the working links for Google logo's.

    ==OLD LOGO==

    ==NEW LOGO==