Friday, June 10, 2011

What is I'm Feeling Lucky Button on Google ?

Buttons on Google Home Page

On the home page of Google, You will see two types of buttons.

(a) Search
(b) I'm Feeling Lucky

I am Feeling Lucky

(a) Search: You will surely familiar about the "Search" button. You can search your query on Google by clicking on this button. Google will show different websites and you can choose website which you like.

(b) I'm Feeling Lucky:
I think you will not be familiar with this button. Buy clicking on the button "I'm Feeling Lucky", it will open the first website which came first in Google SERP.

For example: I searched the query "California" and click on the button "I'm Feeling Lucky" and Google open the first website i.e.

With any Query I'm Feeling Button will Show the Following Results

So, Google will open first website of SERP when you click on the I'm Feeling Lucky button.

Without any Query or Empty Query Google will Show the Following Results

If you directly click "I'm Feeling Lucky" button then Google will open Google Doodle Logos

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