Saturday, November 5, 2011 - About Google Logo3w.png, Logo2w.png and Logo1w.png

What is logo3w.png ? - About Google Logo logo3w.png, logo2w.png and logo1w.png

I already write a post about Logo1w Today, I found & are also available and these are the URL of the logo of Google.

Actually Google Logo have the following URL's


If you will try to open the above said URL in your browser then you will found the Google Logo. All these logos i.e logo1w, logo2w and logo3w are same and there is no any difference between these logo and my question for writing this post is that Why Google is using different logo's name for one logo ?

Hope, only Google can answer this.

Google Logo1w, Google Logo2w, Google Logo3w

Did you ever notice these three different URL's for same Logo of Google ?

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