Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Check the URL of Post in Blogger ?

From Where You can Copy Link Location of Post While Using Blogger

Did you create a new post in blogger ? and looking for URL of the new post without opening blog then here is the solution for checking the URL of the post. (You can also check older posts URL with this method)

Steps for Checking URL of Post in Blogger

(1) Click on "Edit Posts" from your blogger dashboard.

(2) You will see two options "Edit" and "View" near to your blogger posts.

(3) Now If you want to copy link location of any of post then Right Click on the "View" (near to your blogger post) and copy link location using mouse.

For example: I want to copy link location of my one of post and I do not want to open my blog. Then I will click on the "Edit Posts" from dashboard.

Now, I will click on the right button of mouse on "View" and by this I can copy link location of the post. (See below mentioned image)

Hope with this method you can easily copy link location of your blogger post without opening your blogger.

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