Monday, November 14, 2011

SEO Tips Given by Bing

Did you launch a new website ? and want to optimize your new website and looking for SEO tips for promoting your website then here you can find some SEO tips provided by Bing on their Webmaster Center Blog.

Some Interesting SEO tips Given by Bing

Site Structure: Site structure of website should be good and readable by search engine and users.

On Page Factors: According to Bing your website must have a unique Title and characters of of the Title should be 65 (You can include some keywords which are focusing on your content)

Things Which Bing Love

(a) RSS feeds
(b) Wonderful UX
(c) Social love

Things Which Bing Hate

(a) cloaking
(b) link buying
(c) like farms
(d) link farms
(e) three-way linking
(f) duplicating content
(g) auto-follows in social media
(h) the thin content approach

Hope these SEO tips will increase your website's SEO rankings.

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