Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is Keyword Analysis ? Different Keyword Tools for Analysis a Website

What is Keyword Analysis ?

Keyword Analysis: Keyword Analysis is the part of On Page Optimization. Before starting any other activity first of all SEO person will choose Keywords which best describes your website. Keywords are the basic requirements for On Page Optimization.

How to Choose Keywords ? You can choose keywords with the help of different keyword tools.

Various Free Keyword Tools

There are many keyword tools are available. Some of important one as follows. All these tools are free keyword tools.

(1) Google Adwords Keyword Tool

(2) Word Tracker Keyword Tool

(3) Wordstream

(4) Keyword Spy

(5) Keyword Discovery

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  1. In a way it won't be wrong to say that keyword analysis is a first part where SEO starts. This plays an important role in SEO, so one need to quite careful while choosing them. Here the list of tools are available with the help of which you can get a good list, after getting it, select the keywords that are more relevant to your site as well as those having low density.