Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogger Start Showing +1 Button in Share Buttons

Blogger Start Showing +1 Button

One more Sharing Button Added to Blogger Share Buttons

I think Google want to give very much importance on +1 Button. Today I saw +1 Button in blogger share button.

Previously Gmail, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz was showing in Blogger share buttons. But from today you can check +1 Button in these share buttons.

This shows Google want to give importance to this +1 button.

Check the new share buttons on blogger

Blogger New Share Button

You may check this +1 button in your post If you already added share button on your blog or You can check this new button in Blog Post Edit Option

Layout->Blog Post Edit->Configure Blog Posts->Show Share Button

You can give comment on this +1 button, Will this +1 Button in Blogger helpful for blog traffic ?

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