Friday, November 4, 2011

How to Add Author in Blogger for Guest Posting ?

Make Your Friend as Author in Blogger for Guest Posting

If you are a blogger and have a blog on and want to give permissions to any person for guest posting then there is very best option for you. You can invite maximum 100 authors (persons) for writing content for your blogger. I think its very best option because by doing this your blog may get some unique content.

How You can Give Permissions to Someone for Writing Posts ?

Its very easy you can easily give permissions for writing posts to your friends or someone else.

(1) Go To Dashboard

(2) Go to Setting to Your Blog

(3) Now Go To Permissions (Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Permissions)

(4) After clicking Permissions you will be redirect to a new page from where you can make admin to any of your friend, any person or any author. Just type your friend's email id (Remember you can make maximum of 100 authors)

By this way you can invite someone for guest posting for your Blogger.

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