Thursday, November 24, 2011

Donate Rs. 100, Rs. 200 or Rs. 300 to Great Website Wikipedia

Donate Rs. 100, Rs. 200 or Rs. 300 to Wikipedia

Do you know Wikipedia is one of the best website in world and its a open source and non profit organization developed by Jimmy Wales ?

Do you know how Wikipedia is living ?

This website is non profit organization and its living on the basis of donation given by various people all over the world each year.

Why Wikipedia is looking for donations ?

To run this website successfully (without ads) Jimmy Wales looking for donations

According to Jimmy Wales

If everyone reading this donated Rs 100, we would only have to fundraise for one day a year. But not everyone can or will donate. And that's fine. Each year just enough people decide to give.

I think every IT professional can understand this and can help Wikipedia by donating some rupees.

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