Friday, November 4, 2011

How To Make Someone Admin To Your Facebook Fan Page ?

Making Someone Admin To Facebook Fan Page

Do you have a facebook fan page ? and you want to make admin to someone or your friend for facebook fan page then their is a option for you. You can make your friend an admin to your facebook fan page.

Steps for Making "Admin" for Facebook Fan Page

(1) Go to your Facebook Fan Page.

(2) Now see the Admin Panel at the right hand page and click on the link "See All". See the image below

(3) After clicking you will be redirect to new page and from there you can make admin to any of your facebook friend and after that click save changes. See the image below

When you will click "save changes" then your friend will receive an email regarding you are now admin to your facebook fan page.


  1. So do you have to be facebook friends with the person in order to make them an admin? Or can they just be a fan of the page?

  2. No, You can not add new users and According to Facebook "Some of the new admins could not be added. You may only add friends or people who already like your page. If you need to add a non-friend, make sure that they like the page first." Hope this will solve your problem..


  3. doesn't work, emails only now