Saturday, July 20, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Switch Off Automatically Again and Again? What is the Solution for it?

Samsung Galaxy S Duos Switch Off Automatically Again and Again?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT S7562 mobile phone and getting problem of switching off your mobile again and again then from here you can get some solution.

What is the Solution for it?

1) The first problem might be in your mobile battery (Replace it if your Samsung Galaxy S Duos in warranty period)

2) Second option might be of Sleep of Death and which can be corrected as follow:

Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep -> Never (increase data usage)

3) Install Android Booster in Your mobile phone.

4) If your are getting this problem again and again then go to Samsung Mobile service center as soon as possible.

Hope these tricks will solve your problem.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Exclude Your Own Traffic in Google Analytics?

Exclude Your Own Traffic in Google Analytics

You can exclude your own traffic by making filters in the Google Analytics. You can create filters at the account level, and then apply them to one or more views.

Steps for Excluding Own IP Address Traffic in Google Analytics

Here is the simple and step by step guide for excluding internal traffic.

1. Select your website in Google Analytics.

2. Go to ‘Admin’ section by clicking ‘Admin’ tab (near to help)

3. Click on the website as shown in the below image.

4. Click on ‘Filers’ as mentioned in the image.

5. After clicking on the Filters you have to click on ‘+ New Filter’ (Here you can make new filters)

6. After clicking ‘+ New Filter’ You will get

Add Filter to Profile

Make Filter Name: For Example: Exclude Own Traffic

You can choose Predefined filter.

Select the option ‘traffic from the IP addresses’ and click on ‘Save’ button as shown below.

Filter Pattern:

For example, if the single IP address is, then enter 176\.168\.1\.1.

For example, if the range of IP addresses is and, then enter ^176\.168\.1\.([1-9]|1[0-9]|2[0-5])$|^10\.0\.0\.([1-9]|1[0-4])$

Remember to use regular expressions to enter an IP address.

Hope, these steps will clear your all doubts for excluding your own traffic. If you have any doubts then you can comment here!

What is Bacon Number? Learn Bacon Number with Detailed Explanation with Examples

What is Bacon Number?

The celebrities which have link with "Kevin Bacon" (Hollywood Actor) directly or indirectly known as Bacon Numbers (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a variation on "six degrees of separation" which posits that any two people on Earth are, on average, about six acquaintance links apart.)

Detailed Explanation

The Bacon number of an actor or actress is the number of degrees of separation he or she has from Bacon, as defined by the game. This is an application of the Erdős number concept to the Hollywood movie industry. The higher the Bacon number, the farther away from Kevin Bacon the actor is.

The computation of a Bacon number for actor X is a "shortest path" algorithm:

1) Kevin Bacon has a Bacon number of 0.
2) Those actors who have worked directly with Kevin Bacon have a Bacon number of 1.
3) If the lowest Bacon number of any actor with whom X has appeared in a movie is N, X's Bacon number is N + 1.

Here is an example, using Elvis Presley:

Elvis Presley was in Change of Habit (1969) with Edward Asner.

Edward Asner was in JFK (1991) with Kevin Bacon.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Google is Getting E-Mails from SEO Companies Regarding SEO/Link Building Services - Very Funny

Funny SEO E-Mails

I think it is one of the funniest mail, I have seen, actually I was reading Matt Cutts blog and found this interesting post. Really very funny!

I was on your website and wanted to shoot you a quick note. I think I can make a few changes (aesthetically and/or SEO – wise) to make your site convert more visitors into leads and to get it placed higher in the organic search results, for a few of the select terms.

This is NOT like one of those foreign emails you probably get in your inbox every day. Just to be upfront I have 3 agents that work with me for development /SEO.

I would just need to know which (if not both) services you’re open to checking out information about, either web design or SEO. Would you be open to seeing more brief info / quote for what I would like to accomplish?


Fortune Global 50 - Top 50 Companies in the World

Fortune Global 50 - Samsung at 14th & Apple at 19th Position

Fortune on Monday released its Global 500. You can check list of top 50 companies as mentioned below. In this list Samsung is at 14th Position and Apple is at 19th position.

List Rank - Company Name

1 Royal Dutch Shell
2 Wal-Mart Stores
3 Exxon Mobil
4 Sinopec Group
5 China National Petroleum
6 BP
7 State Grid
8 Toyota Motor
9 Volkswagen
10 Total
11 Chevron
12 Glencore Xstrata
13 Japan Post Holdings
14 Samsung Electronics
15 E.ON
16 Phillips
17 ENI
18 Berkshire Hathaway
19 Apple
20 AXA
21 Gazprom
22 General Motors
23 Daimler
24 General Electric
25 Petrobras
26 EXOR Group
27 Valero Energy
28 Ford Motor
29 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
30 Hon Hai Precision Industry
31 Allianz
32 Nippon Telegraph & Telephone
33 ING Group
34 AT&T
35 Fannie Mae
36 Pemex
37 GDF Suez
39 Statoil
40 CVS Caremark
41 BNP Paribas
42 McKesson
43 Hewlett-Packard
44 JX Holdings
45 Honda Motor
46 Lukoil
47 Nissan Motor
48 Verizon Communications
49 Assicurazioni Generali
50 China Construction Bank

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google Introduce New Bell Icon for Google+ Notifications

Wow! New Bell Icon for Google Plus Notifications

If you are using Google+ account then you will notice Google introduced a new bell account for Google+ notifications.

The new bell icon is looking nice which is shown as mentioned below (Look like as smiley :-))

Did You Notice New Bell Account for G+ Notifications?

You can see new bell account notifications for G+ by checking your Google account, which will be look like as mentioned below.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Play Game in Adsense - Google Adsense Celebrates 10 Years!

Google Adsense Celebrates 10 Years!

If you are a user of Google Adsense then you might be aware of Google Adsense celebrates 10 years. For more celebrations Google launched a game in Adsense Account.

Play Game in Adsense 

Today, when I logged in to my Adsense account I found Google launched a very good game, the game is very good to play.

I just played the game and found interesting. Hurry! Log on to your Google Adsense account and play this game.