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Link Building - One Way Link Building, Two Way Link Building and Three Way Link Building, How to do Link Exchange ?

What is Link Building ?

Gaining links from other websites is called link building. Google and other search engines giving importance to relevant links. For example, I have a website related to Computer then If I gain a link from an other computer related website then Google and other search engines may give importance to my website.

Some persons believe links play very important role in search engines and 60% results are revolves around the links.

How to do Link Building ?

If you have website and want to do link building then you can do the link building with the following types.

Types of Link Building

One Way Link Building:
One way links are very important, it means if you are getting link for your website without giving link to another website. Example of one way links are Bookamarks. For example, if you bookmark your website on (which is a bookmark website) then you will get a backlink for your website. This backlink may be treated as one way link for your website because you do not need to give the link of in your website.

Two Way Link Building:
Two way links means exchanging links between two website. For example, If A website place the link of B website and B website place the link of A website. For finding reciprocal links you can use the following queries on Google.

(a) links.html + keyword

(b) links.asp + keyword

(c) links.php + keyword

(d) links + keyword

In above types, If you have website related to shopping then your query will be like this "links.html + shopping". In that case replace "keyword" with shopping.

.html, .asp, .php are used to find particular websites.

Three Way Link Building: Three way links can explain as follows.

If A website place the link in B website and B website place the link in C website. There are many webmaster who are doing three way link exchange online. You can search it on Google with this query "webmaster Id links exchange"

Method of Link Building

If you are looking for link exchange then you can check the following methods by which you can do link building.

(1) By Sending an Email: You can send an email to various webmasters regarding "Link Exchange" If that webmaster respond you then you can send your website details and by this way you can get link.

(2) By Chat: You can find various webmaster which are doing online link building. You can search it on Google regarding "link exchange webmaster id"

(3) By Filling form:
Their are many websites which are using online form for link exchange You can search website related to your topic on Google. For example, search this "addlink.html + your keyword" You will get thousand of websites regarding link exchange.

Some Useful Tips Regarding Link Exchange

(1) Do not exchange links with that website which have already 100 links on page, It means that website should not have 100 external links because Google recommending 100 outbound links on a page.

(2) Do not exchange links with cloaking websites.

(3) Do not exchange links with FFA website (Free for All)

(4) Always use category wise link building.

Note: The concept of link building is only for educational purposes and personally, I do not care about link building. So, I am recommending to my readers do not care about link building. If you want to care any thing then always care your content because always content is the king for any website and try to write some useful content. If your website will have good content then you will get automatic links because good content is always recommended by others.

Hope you will like this post. If you have any suggestion then you can make a comment here. Your comments are most welcome.

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