Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Docs - List of Different Files Supported with Google Docs

Different Files Supported with Google Docs

You may already know that you can open ZIP & RAR file and Word file (.Doc file) with the help of Gmail (With Google Docs Viewer). If you are looking for other files supported by Google Docs then here you can found list of various files supported by Google Docs.

The Google Docs Viewer supports various different file types, listed below:

(1) Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX)

(2) Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX)

(3) Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX)

(4) Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF)

(5) Apple Pages (.PAGES)

(6) Adobe Illustrator (.AI)

Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)

(8) Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF)

(9) Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF)

(10) Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)

(11) PostScript (.EPS, .PS)

(12) TrueType (.TTF)

XML Paper Specification (.XPS)

(14) Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR)

Google Docs Viewer is integrated to Gmail. You can view and open the above files with the help of Gmail.

If you do not have MS Office, MS Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages etc in your PC then you can use Gmail for opening these files.

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