Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Open ZIP and RAR Files Without any Software ? Gmail New Feature Open ZIP and RAR Files

Gmail New Feature Open ZIP and RAR Files

Your friend send you an email containing a zipped folder which is very important for you. But there is no any software in your PC which can open Zipped or RAR file.

Then how will you open that zipped file ?

The answer is with the help of Gmail. Today Gmail announce new feature. Now you can open Zipped files and RAR files in Gmail.

Tell your friend to send that file to your Gmail.

You can check the ZIP and RAR file in the Gmail as follows

open-zip rar file in gmail

If you want to check any other Zipped or RAR file from your PC then you do not need to install any software in your PC. Just send an email to your own Gmail address and view that Zipped file or RAR file.

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Official Post by Google regarding Zip and RAR Files

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