Thursday, July 7, 2011

Preview Gmail’s New Look - 35 New Features of Gmail

Preview Gmail’s new look

According to Google, Gmail's new look is coming soon. If you are using Gmail then you will notice a new message is showing on the top of Gmail. See he snap shot below
Gmail New Preview

New Gmail will be coming with the following 35 Features

(1) New languages for Gmail on iPhone and Android

(2) Get through your email faster with Priority Inbox

(3) Make phone calls from Gmail

(4) A new look for Gmail and updates to Contacts

(5) Google Buzz in Gmail

(6) Gmail now even more secure

(7) More storage for less money

(8) New features for Gmail on iPhone and Android

(9) New in Labs: "Got the wrong Bob?" and "Don't forget Bob"

(10) Four more themes

(11) Message translation

(12) Tasks: the first graduate of Gmail Labs

(13) Drag and drop labels

(14) New in Labs: YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Yelp previews

(15) New in Labs: Undo send

(16) Tasks mobile

(17) New in Labs: Offline

(18) Labels: auto-complete and "move to"

Gmail stickers

(20) Fast PDF previews

New in Labs: Tasks

(22) New in Labs: Text Messaging in Chat

(23) Spice up your inbox with Gmail Themes

(24) Talk face to face with Gmail voice and video chat

(25) 15 new Labs features to try out

(26) Gmail on Android

(27) Emoticons – they're not just for chat anymore

(28) Gmail for mobile 2.0

(29) Gmail Labs: A testing ground for experimental new features

(30) Gmail has a new look on the iPhone browser

(31) More friends are more fun. Gmail welcomes your AIM® friends.

(32) Colored labels

(33) Group chat

(34) New emoticons

(35) Free IMAP

Read all details about Preview of Gmail's New Look on Official Gmail Blog

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