Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Open Password Protected PDF File ?

Today, I got an email from my friend. He send me a password protected PDF file. But I forget the password of that PDF file. Then a question came to in mind, How will I open this password protected file ? I research on the internet, "How to open password protected PDF file ?" After researching, I found a very useful software which can open password protected file. The name of that software is Free PDF Unlocker

How to Open Password Protected PDF file with Free PDF Unlocker ?

Step 1: Download Free PDF Unlocker

Step 2: After download install this Free PDF Unlocker software on your PC.

Step 3:
Now, Just drag your PDF file onto a link on your desktop or alternatively onto the Free PDF Unlocker icon on your desktop. Instantly, Free PDF Unlocker should remove.

Password Protected PDF File

Limitations of this software

(a) It can unlock only one file at a time.

(b) It will not work with new PDF files

I also found some online websites, which can open password protected PDF files. But I never try these. Some of the important online websites which can open password protected PDF files are as follows

(a) PDF Unlock

(b) Online PDF Unlocker

Hope these solutions will be also workable for you, If you are searching for How to open a password protected PDF file ?

If you are getting any trouble in this then you can ask your query by giving comment here.

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