Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday - Google Doodle

Google Doodle Celebrating Birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé

Today, (May 30th 2012) birthday of Peter Carl Faberge and Google is celebrating Peter Carl Fabergé birthday by making beautiful Google Doodle as follows.

Peter Carl Fabergé also known as 'Karl Gustavovich rajaFaberge' in Russia born on May 30th 1846 was a famous Russian jeweller.

Google made beautiful Google Doodle for his birthday

Peter Carl Fabergé 166th Birthday - Google Doodle
166th Birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé

Did You Check Your Website Page Rank? Page Rank Update on 3rd May 2012 - Blogging Alerts got Page Rank 1

Page Rank Update on 3rd May 2012

This year second page rank update on 3rd May 2012. I already written a post regarding when will be the page rank update in 2012? This time I was busy and I did not write post on page rank update which was updated on 3rd May 2012 (and which is second PR update for year 2012)

Good news! My Blog Blogging Alerts got Page Rank 1

Now Blogging Alerts got Page Rank 1, which was previously PR 0

Did you check your website Page Rank?

Did you check your website page rank after 3rd May 2012? If you did not check then need to check it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Check Speed of Your Internet Connection?

Checking Speed of Your Internet Connection - Know Internet Download Speed

Are you looking for speed checker for internet? and want to know the download speed for your internet connection then here is the solution for you.

Actually with SpeedTest.in you can check the speed of your internet connection.

About Speed Test: SpeedTest.in is a online service that tests and measures your Line Speed so that you get a fairly accurate picture of the quality of your Service Provider's broadband service

Example of Speed Test 

Speed Test 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Mark Elliot Zuckerberg - Father of Best Social Netwoking Website Facebook

Happy Birthday Mark Elliot Zuckerberg 

Today, on 14th May 2012 birthday of father of Facebook i.e. Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg born on May 14, 1984 is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur and Chairman and CEO of and founder of Facebook. He is the one of the richest younger in the world. The full name of  Mark Zuckerberg is 'Mark Elliot Zuckerberg'

Mark Zuckerberg

Best wishes to  Mark Elliot Zuckerberg for his birthday

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Google is Celebrating Mother's Day by Making Beautiful Doodle

Google Doodle is celebrating Mother's Day on 13th May 2012 by making Doodle

Happy Mother's Day - 13th May 2012 

About Mother's Day

Mother's Day usually celebrated on every second Sunday of May (Internationally). In some countries Mother's Day celebrated on some other day.

Countries who Celebrates Mother's Day on Second Week of May

Below mentioned is the list of countries who will celebrate Mother's Day on 13th May 2012 (i.e. second week of May)

People's Republic of China
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sint Maarten
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
United States
Viet Nam

Happy Mother's Day from Blogging Alerts

Friday, May 11, 2012

Google Introduce - India Site Clinic - Last Date 14th May 2012

Google Introduce Site Clinic for Indian Webmasters

If you have a website then a great news for you Google India introduce India Site Clinic: Get your Site checked today.

What does this mean?

Google's team will analyze the websites submitted to the clinic. Google will offer constructive advice on improvements that can lead to better visibility for your website in Google's organic search results.

Read detailed post on Google India Blog

So how do I submit my entry?

To register your site for our site clinic, fill in the information requested on the form here.

(Do note that by submitting your site you agree to the use of your website as an example in our future blog posts under the Site Clinic banner.) We also have a few important guidelines that you need to follow:

1) To participate, your site must be registered on Google Webmaster Tools. This is to ensure that the submitter is the owner of the site and we have the owner's permission to use the site for our clinic. If you don't have a Webmaster tools account yet, it's pretty simple to obtain. You can get one here.

2) Your website should meet our quality guidelines. This is because we will be using the same guidelines as criteria to select the websites for our analysis. You can review our Webmaster guidelines for any clarification.

The Site Clinic submissions will be accepted till the 14th of May 2012.

Submit Your Website for Google Site Clinic

Source: http://googleindia.blogspot.in/2012/05/india-site-clinic-get-your-site-checked.html

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yahoo Mail Detecting Wrong Suspicious Login Activity - Showing Wrong Day in Recent Login Activity

Yahoo Showing Wrong Day in Recent Login Activity

Today, I was accessing my Yahoo Mail and I found Yahoo send me some message regarding "Recent Login Activity". I shocked and thought someone used my Yahoo mail. But, I found Yahoo is showing wrong date and Showing my own IP Address

See the Message Send by Yahoo

We detected a suspicious login to your Yahoo! account (Wed,May 5,2012, 12:26 AM) from India

Note: This location is based on information from your ISP or wireless provider.

Was this you? If so, you can disregard this alert message.

If this wasn't you, please follow the links below to protect your Yahoo! account information from future account hijacking:

Change your password
Update your account security questions
Update your alternate email address and mobile phone number (if any)
Activate second sign-in verification

I found on 5th May 2012 there was Saturday

Also I checked the IP address, the IP Address provided by Yahoo was my own IP address

See the image below

Might be any bug in Yahoo Mail System and Yahoo need to fix this.

Google Doodle is Celebrating Howard Carter's 138th Birthday

Google Doodle - 138th Birthday of Howard Carter

Today on 9th May 2012, Google Doodle is celebrating Howard Carter's 138th Birthday.

About Howard Carter: According to wikipedia Howard Carter was an English archaeologist and he born on 9 May 1874. Howard Carter was born in London, England, the son of Samuel Carter, a skilled artist

See the Google Doodle for his Birthday made by Google

138th Birthday of Howard Carter - Google Doodle
Google Doodle - 138th Birthday of Howard Carter

How to set BR Tag or Press Enter for Line Breaks in Blogger New Interface?

Choosing BR Tag of Press Enter in HTML Mode for Blogger New Interface

If you are using blogger and want to set Press "Enter" for line breaks while writing posts (same as that of blogger's old interface) in HTML mode then you can do it as follows

1) Log on to Blogger

2) Create new Post

3) While creating post you will find 'Post Settings' on the right hand side of blogger writing area.

4) Find the 'Options' and click on the 'Options' and you will get following opportunities

Reader comments

Don't allow

Compose mode

Show HTML literally
Interpret typed HTML

Line breaks

Use <br> tag
Press "Enter" for line breaks

Choose the option Press "Enter" for line breaks and click the button done. See the snapshot.

How to Promote your Business on Facebook?

Tips for Promoting Business on Facebook - Social Network

Facebook is a world most famous social networking website launched in February 2004 craeted by Mark Zuckerberg that connects you with the people around you.

If you have a facebook account (new to facebook) and want to promote your business on facebook then you can promote your business by the following methods.

(1) By Making Proper Profile: First of all make proper profile including your Schooling, College, University and your current job or your current business.

(2) Adding Friends: Try to make more and more friends who are interested in your business or business related products.

(3) Making Groups: Making groups on facebook is also best option for you to promoting your business. You can make facebook groups related to your business.

(4) Uploading Videos: Upload videos related to your business on your facebook walls.

(5) Creating Events: You can also schedule your events.

(6) Creating Business Page: You can also create attractive FBML (Facebook Mark Up Language)  pages and promote your business page on facebook.

(7) Creating Social Ads: If you want to promote your business by some extra bucks then you can promote your business by placing social ads on facebook by selecting daily budget.

(8) Increase Likes: Try to increase your business page likes. Likes can increase by doing regular and interesting updates related to your products on your facebook page.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Did you Ever Checked Google Sitemap.xml and Sitemap.html?

Google Sitemap.html and Sitemap.xml 

Sitemap is the detailed description of your website links. Basically Sitemap is of two types

(1) Notepad Sitemap
(2) XML Sitemap

Many website using the concepts of sitemap. Google.com also have sitemap.xml file and sitemap.html file.

Where is Google.com Notepad Sitemap?

Google notepad sitemap is here www.google.com/sitemap.html (Simple easy to use and understand)

Where is Google.com XML Sitemap?

Google xml sitemap is here www.google.com/sitemap.xml (Big file may hang your PC) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Google Gmail Introduce New Feature - Automatic Message Translation

Automatic Message Translation in Gmail

If you are using Gmail then you will notice Google launched automatic message translation.

According to Google Gmail Official Blog Post

Did you ever dream about a future where your communications device could transcend language with ease? Well, that day is a lot closer. Back when we launched automatic message translation in Gmail Labs, we were curious to see how people would use it.

We heard immediately from Google Apps for Business users that this was a killer feature for working with local teams across the world. Some people just wanted to easily read newsletters from abroad. Another person wrote in telling us how he set up his mom’s Gmail to translate everything into her native language, thus saving countless explanatory phone calls (he thanked us profusely). I continue to use it to participate in discussions with the global Google offices I often visit.

Since message translation was one of the most popular labs, we decided it was time to graduate from Gmail Labs and move into the real world. Over the next few days, everyone who uses Gmail will be getting the convenience of translation added to their email. The next time you receive a message in a language other than your own, just click on Translate message in the header at the top of the message

Read all details on Gmail Official Blog