Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Use Old Blogger Interface?

How to Find Old Blogger Interface?

Are you using blogger's new interface and want to use old blogger interface for some reasons and could not found how to back to blogger's old interface then here you can find the solution for returning back to blogger's old interface.

Step 1:
Log on to blogger new interface.

Step 2: Find the setting (small icon)

Step 3: Click on the setting icon tab as below.

Blogger Old Interface

Now you can use blogger's old interface. But I personally recommended try to use and learn Blogger's new interface


  1. Thanks! I couldn't find the button.
    The new interface is buggy and has many missing tools. I'll stick to the old one for now.

  2. The new interface is too complicated for me.
    I tried for hours ... no good.
    I prefere to stay with the old one as long as I can.
    Please tell BLOGGER to keep the old one.

  3. Default new interference blogger style:

    and replace address blogger.g with posts.g and use old interference even you could not find old interference button....
    say thanks to rahul sethi ((

  4. I like the old interface