Monday, January 9, 2012

What is Quick View in Google Search ?

Quick View in Google Search

Did you ever notice 'Quick View' in Google search ? and do not know what is 'Quick View' ? then you can read all details about Quick View.

Actually, Quick View is started by Google on 10th July 2009 for showing PDF files. For example, If you searched any PDF file then you will find 'Quick View' option in Google search and you can view that PDF file by clicking the option of 'Quick View', even if you do not have acrobat reader with the help of Google Docs.


I searched the query 'form 18' in Google search and I opened the file with help of Quick View as follows.

Quick View in Google Search

How Google Open PDF file with Quick View ?

Google is using Google Docs to open these types of files.

Benefits of Quick View

You can open PDF file in your personal computer even, If you do not have acrobat reader.

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