Friday, January 13, 2012

Why I Removed Kontera Ads from My Blog with Immediate Effect?

What are Kontera Ads?

Kontera’s ContentLink are types of text ads that displaying double underlined keywords on a web page.

I Make Account on Kontera Ads for Making Money from My Blog?

I also make an account on Kontera Publisher to try Kontera ads. I implemented Kontera ads for one of my blog but I am not satisfied with the results of Kontera Ads and I immediately removed Kontera Ads from my blog.

Why I Removed Kontera Ads from My Blog?

Actually, I recently integrated Kontera Ads with one of my blog and I found the followings stats from my Kontera Publisher Account which are very disappointing for me.

Kontera Ads Earnings

I got 961 Impressions and only 6 clicks and earned money is $0.00. These results surprised me.

For this reason, I removed Kontera Ads from my blog because I was thinking Kontera Ads may effects on my Google Ads earnings.

Previously, I was thinking Kontera Ads are types of ContentLink Ads from where publisher can earn good amount of money but above results never satisfied anybody.

You can share your thoughts about the above results of Kontera Ads by giving your valuable comments.


  1. Hi,

    This is Jonathan from Kontera. We have a great exclusive ad inventory from such brands as Microsoft, L'Oreal, McDonald's, Toyota, Intel, Verizon, Blackberry, and more. These premium, often Rich-Media ads are the most attractive to users, have the best CPC, and are only available through Kontera.

    That said these ads are geo-targeted, so if your site is in a region or about a topic, our advertisers aren't targeting, you wouldn't see the same differentiation our other Kontera publishers see.

    I don't know if that's the case, but if you contact me at I'll be happy to take a look at your account and give you a straight answer if you're a good match for Kontera.


    - Jonathan Cohen
    Kontera Community Manager
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  2. Hi Jonathan Cohen,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just share my personal experience with Kontera Ads and nothing else. Yes you might be right regarding region factor and that may be the reason I could not get huge clicks or earnings.

    However, I found some interesting blogs who are earning decent amount of money through Kontera Ads here is the link also I found a hub who wrote good for Kontera

    It might be the reason I have not optimize keywords which can give me good amount of money. I read official post from here (My Bad Luck)

    Any how thanks for commenting.

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