Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Black Navigation Bar - Can You Remove Black Navigation Bar ? Discussion About Black Bar on Google Search Engine

Google Black Navigation Bar

Did you notice Google make changes on Navigation Bar ?

Google make changes on the Google home page. Now white navigation bar changes to black navigation bar. I think it may be any experiment by Google.

Google Black Navigation Bar

Many people are hating this black bar as discussion on Google

Can You Remove This Black Navigation Bar ?

I think no you can not change it right now. I think in future you can remove it, If Google make some changes.

Did You Like this Black Bar ?

Update In internet explorer result are showing as normal. See the snap shot below

I think black navigation bar is showing only in mozilla firefox and google chrome browsers.

Update: Now, Google removed black navigation bar

Did You like this black bar ? You can discuss about it here by making comment !


  1. No I don't like this bar indeed, because it will bring the Google a black future.

  2. how to remove the google black bar"
    I don't like this bar becasue it will bring the Google a black future.

  3. Firefox users can replace the new black bar with the original by installing the Greasemonkey add on and then downloading and installing:

  4. I, personally feel that the one predecessing this one was awesome. This one is just too blah. There's too much space between the buttons. Even though they're using great CSS3 stuff, the navbar does not match to the rest of the site. There's too less colors. The previous one had images, and the one before that had red border-bottoms which made it look good. This one is just bad. Here's my post: