Monday, June 27, 2011

Google Update Second Page Rank For Year 2011 - PR Updated on 27th June 2011

Google Toolbar Page Rank Update

Today, On 27th June 2011, Google update the page rank. This time Google update page rank after 5 months. Last page rank update was on 21st January 2011. I found some of my websites got PR, But I did not get page rank for my this website because this website is only one month old and I think it may be the one of the biggest reason I did not get PR for my this website.

But, I got PR for my many website.

This time Google give very great news for publisher all around the world. Many publishers got good PR for their websites.

Note: Just to inform PR has not any importance in Google search engine rankings. So, I am requesting to my readers do not care about page rank. Just write useful resources and content for your website to get your website in Google SERP.

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