Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Problem in Image Uploading in Blogger - Did You Get Error in Image Uploading in Blogger ?

Problem in Image Uploading in Blogger

Do you have blog on blogger ? Are you try to uploading image in blogger and getting problem in blogger ?

Today, I found a bug in Blogger. Blogger is not uploading images right now. I think it may be any temporary problem in blogger.

While trying to uploading images I am getting following errors

There were error during upload

The following images were not uploaded.

This image can not be uploaded due to internal error.

Error in Image Upload in Blogger

I do not about this internal error. I think only blogger can fix this internal error.

If you also notice this error, then you can discuss this problem by marking comment here !

Update: Official Blogger known about this issue and Blogger Engineers are trying to fix it. You can find out the answer at Known Issues for Blogger

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  1. This problem is fixed by blogger engineers. You can upload images in blogger as normal.