Monday, September 12, 2011

What are Image Ads ? How to Create Image Ad ? Steps for making Image Ad on PPC Campaign at Google Adwords

What are Image Ads ?

Image ads are similar to the text ads but it contained the image. Google adwords provides you option for displaying image ads. If you are running and PPC campaign on Google Adwords then you probably may know the exact meaning of Images Ads.

According to Google Adwords

AdWords image ads are graphical ads which appear on select Display Network sites. Image ads combine two powerful features: graphics and proven AdWords targeting technology.

Unlike traditional online graphical ads, image ads can be matched to a page's content. This targeting makes image ads more attractive and relevant to anyone browsing the site. Therefore, image ads offer you yet another effective way to increase your business exposure and reach new prospects.

You can run image ads on Display Network sites in both keyword-targeted and placement-targeted campaigns.

How to Create Image Ad ?

Step 1: Verify campaign setting

Image ads can only run on Display Network sites, so your campaign needs to be opted in to the Display Network before you can create image ads.

1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
2. Click the name of the campaign that will contain your image ad.
3. On the Settings tab, click Edit next to "Networks."
4. If you've selected "Let me choose," make sure you've checked the box next to Display Network. If you've selected "All available sites," you are opted in to the Display Network, so no action is required.
5. Click Save if you've made changes to your settings.

Step 2: Create the ad

Once you've verified your Display Network setting, follow the steps below to create an image ad:

1. Click the campaign then ad group that will contain your image ads.
2. Click the Ads tab.
3. Click New ad above the table and select Image ad from the menu.
4. Click Browse to select your image file.
5. Name your image file. (See naming tips.)
6. Enter your display and destination URLs.
7. Click Save Ad.

Source: How Do I Create Image Ad on Google Adwords ?

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