Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simple SEO Test Questions - SEO Interview Question, SEO Quiz

I already publish some SEO interview questions with answers. I make a simple SEO test. If you love Search Engine Quiz then you will surely love these SEO questions.

SEO Questions

(1) What is DMOZ ?

(a) Directory
(b) Bookmark
(c) Social Media
(d) Article

Answer: (a) Directory

(2) Out of following which is not an On Page Technique ?

(a) Title Optimization
(b) Meta Optimization
(c) URL Optimization
(d) Bookmark Submission

Answer: (d) Bookmark Submission

(3) Out of following which is not part of meta tags ?

(a) Keywords
(b) Title
(c) Description
(d) Words

Answer: (d) Words

(4) What is Stumbleupon ?

(a) Bookmark Website
(b) Classified Website
(c) Article Website
(d) Press Release

Answer: (a) Bookmark Website

(5) Which is correct form of URL Optimization ?

If I want to make URL for this page (Title) LG Air Condition 1.5


Answer: (b)

(6) If I want to place my website in Yahoo Directory then How much I have to Pay ?

(a) 299$ Per Year
(b) 289$ Per Year
(c) 189$ Per Year
(d) It is Free

Answer: (a) 299$ Per Year

(7) What is Open Directory Project ?

(a) Stumble Upon
(b) Reddit
(c) DMOZ
(d) Yahoo

Answer: (c) DMOZ

(8) What is the Meaning of SERP ?

(a) Search Engine Result Page Rank
(b) Search Engine Ranking Pages
(c) Search Engine Rate Pages
(d) Search Engine Result Pages

Answer: (d) Search Engine Result Pages

(9) Out Of following combinations what search engines are showing on SERP ?

(a) Title and Description
(b) Title and Keywords
(c) Keywords and Description
(d) Only Title

Answer: (a) Title and Description

(10) What is Internal Linking ?

(a) The pages pointing and remaining within the website
(b) The pages goes outside
(c) These are special types of pages to promote website
(d) These are links pages

Answer: (a) The pages pointing and remaining within the website


  1. Nice quiz, but it would be nice if u get a slight tough quiz....

  2. Nice quiz, awaiting for the advanced SEO quiz to clear our myths...