Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is Mail Exchange (MX) Record ? Tool to Check MX Record - How to Configure Email Delivery - Google Apps Mail Servers ?

What is Mail Exchange (MX) Record ?

An MX record identifies an email server available to the domain. Most domains have multiple MX records, arranged in order of priority. When someone sends an email message to the domain, the first available server in the priority list handles the message.

Having multiple email servers and associated MX records is helpful when one server is down for update, repair, replacement, or malfunction. If one email server is down, email can be routed to another email server with a lower or equal priority.

Tool To Check MX Record

There are many tools to check MX record but MX Record Look Up is one of the best tool to check MX record.

How to Configure Email Delivery - Google Apps Mail Servers ?

To deliver mail to Gmail inboxes, configure your domain to route incoming messages to the Google email servers. To do that, add MX records that point to the Google servers shown in the table below.

Priority Mail server

Get more details about MX Record

What is Twitter Handle ? How to Change Your Twitter Handle (Username) ?

Meaning of Twitter Handle

A user's "Twitter handle" is the username they have selected and the accompanying URL, like so:

Example: You make username as 'johnsmithtweets' then your twitter handle will be

How to change your username (or real name) ?

Changing your name(s) is easy! Visit your Twitter account settings to change either your real name and/or username.

1. Log in to Twitter

2. From the upper right hand drop-down menu, click Settings

3. Change the name listed in your username field on the first page you see there.

4. To change your real name, go to the Profile tab of these settings, and type in a new name.

5. Save your changes.

Steps for Changing Twitter Username

Monday, August 29, 2011

Karbonn Mobile A 1 - Android Version 2.2 (Froyo)

Karbonn Mobile A 1

There are many mobile companies and variety of mobile phones are available. Today, I found one of interesting mobile phone i.e. Karbonn Mobile A 1 Detailed specification of this phone is as follows

General Characteristics

Weight : 105gms

Dimension : 106.8mm x 59.2mm x 14.0mm

Standby time : Maximum upto 250 Hours

Talk time : up to 250mins

Charging time : 180 Mins

Battery type : 1100 mAh

Karbonn Mobile A 1


Screen Type : TFT

Screen Size : 7.1 Cms

colors : 262K

Screen Resolution: 240*320

Camera : 3.2 Mega pixel Camera

Number of lines : 10

Vibrator mode : Yes

Back light of keypad : White

Karbonn Mobile A 1 Detailed Specification

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Google Presenting New Sign In Page - Changes to the Sign-In pages of Google Products

Google Presenting New Sign In Page

If you are using Google products like Gmail, Youtube and Google Docs then you will notice a new sign in page is coming soon for these products.

The new sign page is looking very much attractive and user friendly. See the snap shot of Gmail's new sign in page.

Gmail's New Sign in Page

Gmail's Older Sign in Page

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google Directory No More But Two of Its URLs World and Directory Help are Showing in the Sitelinks

Google Directory No More - Google Believe Web Search is the Fastest Way to Find Information

In these days, Directories are always the older way to find the information. Google also believe directory is the oldest way to find the information that's why Google discontinue their service Google Directory

Now if you open Google Directory You will get the following message.

Google Directory is no longer available.

We believe that Web Search is the fastest way to find the information you need on the web.

If you prefer to browse a directory of the web, visit the Open Directory Project at

Actually, Google was taking directory data from the Open Directory Project i.e. DMOZ

Surprising - Two Links of Google Directory are Showing in Google Sitelinks

Although Google Directory has been closed, but its two URL are showing in Google Sitelinks.

Google Directory

(a) World -> This URL is redirecting to 404 error page (page not found). I think its okay and working fine and it may be cached data that's why this URL is showing in the sitelinks.

(b) Directory Help -> This URL surprised me because this URL was working and describing about the Google Directory. I think Google forget to remove this page from their server and that's why this page is working correctly and showing in the sitelinks.

How to Know Page Load Time of any Webpage ? StopWatch Providing Page Load Time of any Website

StopWatch Providing Page Load Time of any Website

Page loading or page speed is one of the factor which directly affect you search engines rankings. So, It is always recommended do not add extra images or flash videos on your website or any of webpage.

If you are looking for any software or website to know how long it takes to load a webpage ? Then StopWarch will measure the time for you.

How StopWatch Works ?

The stopwatch is a small Javascript that runs on your computer (not the Numion server). It measures the time between the moment your browser starts to load the URL and when the browser signals that it has finished ("Done" in the status bar). The measurement therefore includes fetching and interpreting all HTML (including frames), images, and Javascripts. It does not include content that is handled by plugins. If the page is in the cache then the stopwatch will measure the faster loading time (see tip above). The accuracy is the accuracy of the Javascript timer, on most systems 10 milliseconds.

Stat Counter Free Invisible Counter for Tracking Visitor in New Beta Version - Do You Like StatCounter's New Design ?

What is StatCounter ?

StatCounter is free invisible web tracker service like Google Analytics.

Stat Counter New Beta Version

Recently StatCounter, changes their website design, structure and launched beta version. The beta version is looking very much attractive.

Some of new changes in New StatCounter Beta Version are

(a) Now you can check Google SERP position by clicking Recent Keyword Activity, means it will be also show the Google SERP rank position with your keywords.

(b) A new drop down menu is added for selecting different projects.

StatCounter Beta Design - Do You Like Stat Counter New Design ?

Some professionals only like the old page of stat counter. If you also want to Switch to Old StatCounter. Then find Switch to Old StatCounter below Feedback at right hand side of the page.

I am using StatCounter for my many websites from last 3 years and find its the one of the best free counter after Google Analytics.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help Google to Improve Google Search - Google Dublin office Looking for Graduates

Help Google to Improve Google Search

Google recently update their Official Google Webmaster Central Blog about helping Google. You can help by joining Google. If you are graduate and want to fight against spam and having knowledge of internet and search engines then you can apply a job at Google Dublin Office.

This position is based in EU Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Positions are available for fluent speakers of one or more of the following languages: Arabic, German, Russian and Spanish.


* Review assigned sites for quality and content.
* Improve the quality of Google’s search results by evaluating websites to identify areas of concern and interest.
* Cooperate with engineering teams to improve our search quality.
* Develop and share practices for search quality investigation and analysis.
* Investigate and analyze search quality issues in Google’s European indexes.


* BA/BS degree preferred with a strong academic record.
* Excellent web research and analytical skills.
* Relevant experience in an Internet company and with web research a plus.
* HTML experience or knowledge.
* Familiarity with internet infrastructure such as WHOIS info and the Domain Name Server (DNS) system of domains, understanding of Firewalls, IP addresses, and name servers a plus.
* Scripting or programming skills a plus.
* Fluency, written and spoken, required in English and one other language.

I think its a great opportunity for all young graduate who want to work with Google.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Start Mobile Blogging ? How to Do Mobile Blogging on Blogger ?

Learn How to Start Mobile Blogging

If you want to make mobile blog then you can make mobile blog with the help of blogger mobile services with very easy steps.

With Mobile Blogging You can Post from Anywhere

You can post from anywhere. Imagine you found any breaking news and you want to post on your mobile blog then with only single click you can do it. And you can share your news to someone with the help of mobile blogging.

Steps for Posting Content or Photos through Mobile Blogging

When you send texts to BLOGGR (256447) or photos to from your mobile device they're automatically posted to your new blog.

How Mobile Blogging Works ?

(1) MMS

(a) First send an MMS or email with the word 'REGISTER' to
(b) Blogger will reply with the address of your new mobile blog, plus a claim code.
(c) Post to your new mobile blog or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog.
(d) To unlink your device from Blogger, send an MMS or email with word 'UNREGISTER' to

(2) SMS

(a) First send an SMS with the word 'REGISTER' to BLOGGR (256447).
(b) Blogger will reply with the address of your new mobile blog, plus a claim code.
(c) Post to your new mobile blog or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog.
(d) To opt out of receiving SMS messages to your phone, text STOP to BLOGGR (256447)
(e) To get help from your mobile device, text HELP to BLOGGR (256447)
(f) To unlink your device from Blogger, text UNREGISTER to BLOGGR (256447).
(g) Sending text messages to BLOGGR (256447) is currently available for US phone numbers only.

Source: Mobile Blogging Blogger

Monday, August 22, 2011

What is the Meaning of Exact, Phrase and Broad Match in Google Adwords Keyword Tool ?

Exact, Phrase and Broad Match

If you are doing keyword analysis for your website using Google Adwords Keyword Tool then you must know about the Exact Match, Phrase Match and Broad Match. These are important factor for starting keyword analysis, PPC and SEO for any website.

What is Broad Match ?

Broad Match:
The default option is broad match. Example: keyword

The meaning of broad match is showing similar phrases and relevant variations for search volumes.

For example, I type 'SEO New York' it will include the following results and these results will be count in the global or monthly search volume.

(a) best company seo new york
(b) seo company new york
(c) new york seo company

Broad match will show larger searches.

What is Phrase Match ?

Phrase Match:
Example: "keyword"

The meaning of phrase match is showing the results where it found the exact match in phrase.

For example: "SEO New York"

(a) best seo new york company -> (Found phrase match) It will use the count in local or global monthly searches.

(b) new york seo company -> (Not found phrase match) It will not include in the count of local or global monthly searches.

What is Exact Match ?

Exact Match: One of the best method for the conversions if you are using CPC or SEO organic results. Example [keyword]

Show for searches that match the exact phrase exclusively.

For example: [SEO New York] will return only seo new york counts.

(a) Here seo new york company will not use in the search count.
(b) Also new york seo will not include in the search count of local or global monthly searches.
(c) Only 'seo new york' count will be used in the local or global monthly searches.

The exact, broad and phrase match is also very important for CPC, Google Adwords (PPC) for any website.

If you have any doubt in meaning of Exact, Phrase and Broad Match then you can ask your query by comment.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Decrease the File Size of Photo Using MS Paint ?

Decrease the File Size of Heavy Photo or Image

If you have a heavy size photo lets say 5 MB and you want to send that photo to your friend but you have slow internet connection then a option for you available with the help of MS Paint. You can decrease the file size of that photo using MS Paint. Follow the following steps to decrease the size of photo or image using MS Paint.

Step 1: Open the image using MS Paint.

Step 2: Now enter Ctrl + w (see below) with help of keyboard.

Step 3: Adjust horizontal and vertical percentage, Lets say change it to 50%. (You can change according to your requirement)

Step 4: Now save the image using new name (Use menu Bar of MS Paint as File -> Save As -> File name -> Save as type) as type JPEG or GIF.

Now check the size of the that file, It will be reduced in to KBs and you can send that photo easily to your friend using slow internet connection.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Formula 1 Race Schedule on 28, 29 and 30 October 2011 in India

2011 Formula 1 Airtel Grand Prix of India

If you are Formula 1 Race lover then a great news for you formula 1 is going to be held on 28, 29 and 30 October 2011. I think its the first time F1 Race are going to held in India.

F1 Time Table

Fri 28 October 2011

Practice 1 10:00 - 11:30
Practice 2 14:00 - 15:30

Sat 29 October 2011

Practice 3 11:00 - 12:00
Qualifying 14:00

Sun 30 October 2011

Race 15:00

The price of the tickets are between Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 35000/-

You can book your tickets online at here

N. R. Narayana Murthy Founder of Infosys Limited - Murthy Started Infosys with only Rs. 10,000 Investment

Birthday of N. R. Narayana Murthy Founder of Infosys Limited

Today, 20th August 2011 is birthday of N. R. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys and He is retiring from the Infosys.

7 Great People Started Infosys

N. R. Narayana Murthy and his six friends (Nandan Nilekani, N. S. Raghavan, S. Gopalakrishnan, S. D. Shibulal, K Dinesh and Ashok Arora) in 1981 founded the company Infosys Technologies Limited. Mr. Murthy born on 20th August 1946 and he studied Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Engineering, University of Mysore after that he done PG from IIT, Kanpur.

With Only 10,000 Investment Infosys Started

Murty started the Infosys with only Rs. 10,000/- and He borrowed that rupees from his wife.

Current Status of Infosys

Now, Total employees working with Infosys are 133,560, and Infosys has 33 offices in different countries and is the second largest IT company in India.

Share news articles, videos, links, and more – anytime, on any services with Shareaholic

Shareaholic have more than 100+ services by which you can share your content and links

With the help of Shareaholic you can Easily share, spread, and save interesting links via your social networks, email, blogs, IM, and more!

You'll be able to share any webpage, anytime, with services you already know and love like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Mail, WordPress, and lots more! You'll always have your favorite social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services at your fingertips.

Shareaholic is available for various browser and for wordpress blog

Browser Tools

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 8
Songbird Music Player

Website Tools

WordPress Blog / CMS

You can also Open Share Icon for your browser, The Open Share Icon is designed to help users easily identify shareable content.

Friday, August 19, 2011

What is Email Marketing ? What is Email Marketing Software ?

What is Email Marketing ?

To promote your business by sending an emails or by sending newsletter on monthly basis or weekly basis may be defined as Email Marketing.

If you want to promote your business through Email Marketing and Email Services by sending newsletters, Then email marketing software Aweber will be always best option for you.

What is Aweber ?

Aweber is Email Marketing Software which was Founded in 1998, which creates email marketing software to help small businesses automate email follow up and email newsletter delivery. At right now 102,000+ customer using Aweber email marketing software.

Is It Free ?

It is not free. You have to pay $1 for sign up and other charges accordingly you choose the package.


AWeber Communications
3103 Philmont Ave. Ste. 200 Huntingdon Valley,
PA 19006, USA
Toll Free: +1 877-293-2371

Watch Movie Online on Yahoo MoviePlex - Watch Bollywood Movies Online at Free of Cost

Watch Movie Online on Yahoo MoviePlex

If you are looking for any website for watching movie online then its a great news for you. Now you can watch movies online on Yahoo at free of cost.

Yahoo launches new online movie watching website i.e. MoviePlex, where you can watch online movie without paying any fees.

Some of latest movies on Yahoo MoviePlex

Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji
Rock On
Rakht Charitra
Rakht Charitra 2

Watch movies online by visiting at here

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did You Notice New Sitelinks on Google ? New and Improved Sitelinks

New Sitelinks on Google

Today, I was searching a website and found new way of sitelinks presented by Google.

Normally, Google is displaying sitelinks using anchor text only. See the image below.

But, Today I noticed Google is showing sitelinks with anchor text, description and URL. See the image below.

I checked this for other websites and found, only old way of site links on Google SERP. Did you notice any website in Google with new types of sitelinks ? If you notice new sitelinks on Google for any website then you can post the name of website with the Google query by giving comment here.

Update Official Google Webmaster Central blog update a new post about Introducing new and improved sitelinks

Now these Sitelinks are providing more


You can check details at here

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tips for Maintaining an AdSense Friendly Site with User Generated Content

Tips for Maintaining an AdSense Friendly Site with User Generated Content - By Google Adsense Blog

These days, user-generated content is everywhere, from the comments below newspaper articles, to the photos and videos shared on social networks. So it's no surprise that many publishers are monetizing this type of content with AdSense ads. But, while you're familiar with types of content which are compliant with the AdSense program policies, your users might not be. We understand that it's not always easy to monitor hundreds of new comments, posts, user profiles, videos, or photos every day, so here are a few ideas on how to maintain an advertiser-friendly environment on your pages.

Now for the tips, which we've divided in two sections - 'Prevention' and 'Monitoring'.


Here are some recommendations for ways to prevent your ads from appearing alongside user-generated content that isn't compliant with our policies:

Publish clear content guidelines and policies that your users will have to accept and adhere to in order to sign up and use your site's services.

If you own a photo or video sharing site where users are permitted to upload adult or other non-compliant content, clearly structure your content to avoid placing your ad code in sections/categories containing this type of content. The same idea could also be easily applied to online stores with adult sections or to classifieds sites which offer adult dating classifieds.

Ask users to tag their inappropriate content (e.g. sexually suggestive pictures or videos) as being non family-safe. This can help you perform human evaluations of potentially inappropriate content for AdSense ads. You can also try installing keyword filters for content related to adult topics, violence, or drugs, for instance. While we're unable to provide you with details about setting up these filters for your site, we recommend searching for terms such as "keyword filtering" or "content filtering" on

Implement spambot protection for your comment forms, forums, and guest books. If you need more information on this topic, try a Google search for "spambot protection".


We suggest these tips to ensure that your existing user-generated content pages remain compliant with our policies:

Set up ways for your community to monitor itself. For example, try adding a "Report inappropriate content" link to your pages, to allow users to flag content for you to review.

Proactively review pages, videos, photos, etc. with high pageviews on a regular basis.

Spot-check content based on keywords, content search, or related user accounts. For example, try entering keywords related to inappropriate content in your own search engine and checking the results. Alternatively, you can search on using the following parameter, replacing '' with your own site's URL and 'keyword' with a specific word or phrase: " keyword".

Create editorial policies and exercise moderator control in your comments, forums, and guestbook sections.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Subdomain on Hubpages - Each Hubber will get his own Subdomain

Subdomain on Hubpages

If you have account on hubpages, then you will surely get an email from hubpages regarding new subdomain on hubpages.

Hubpages will migrate account to Subdomain

Mail Received from Hubpages

We have some good news! As you may have read on our blog, HubPages has decided to give each Hubber his or her own subdomain on HubPages, as a way to restore Google traffic to high-quality Hubs. For example, our CEO Paul Edmondson's new home on HubPages is

Your subdomain, which is based on your username, will be You can migrate your account to your subdomain at any time between now and August 10 by visiting your subdomain page.

Please note that we will begin migrating to subdomains on Wednesday, August 10, so if you don't move to your subdomain by then, then we will migrate your account for you.

Your subdomain will host your profile, and all of your Hubs will also be located under your subdomain. Please note that all existing links to your Hubs and profile will work—they will simply be redirected to the new pages under your subdomain. You can read more about subdomains in the Learning Center.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to make Anchor Text in Your Facebook Status for Promoting a Website ?

Anchor Text in Facebook Status

If you are a user of facebook and want to promote your website by making anchor text in your facebook status then you can make anchor text in facebook by following method.

(1) Logon to your facebook account.

(2) On your facbook status type website which you want to promote and want to make anchor for that website. You can make the anchor text with the following example.

(3) You will get the following. Do not click the share button.

(4) Now click on the title of website. See the snap shot.

(5) Now by clicking it you can change your website title and make a useful anchor text for your website.

(6) Now click the share button

You will see your anchor text will be shown as follows

Hope you will like this facebook trick.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Page Rank Update - August 4, 2011 - Google PR Update News

Google update Page Rank on 4th August 2011

Today, I saw some changes in page rank. Google update the page rank. It very interesting to see page rank happen 3rd time in a row since 27th June 2011.

The first page rank update was on 27th June 2011, second PR update was on 18th July 2011 and its third time Google update the PR.

I think it will be good news for those who want to check their website or websites PR on regular basis.

If you want to check your website PR then you can check on Google Toolbar.

Did you notice any change in your website PR ? You can post your query related to PR update by giving comment here.

Note: Just to inform you that PR is not important. Just focus on your organic rankings and traffic.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is the mean of Page not found on Blogger ? Is it Same as 404 Error Page ?

What is the mean of Page not found on Blogger ?

If you have blog in blogger then sometimes you may notice a page will came with the following message.

Page not found

Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog example does not exist.

Why Page not found Message is coming ?

If some one type wrong URL in your blogger then this message will came. For example, I take the example of

I type and it gives the message
Page not found because the page is not present in the Google Blog.

See the image below

Is it Same as 404 Error Page ?

I think this message may be treated same as that of 404 error page and blogger is controlling your 404 error pages.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Get a Copy of the Data You have put on Facebook

Download Your Information - Get a copy of the data you've put on Facebook.

Are you looking for any tool ? which can download your information which you put on facebook.

Facebook provides you free tool which can download your information.

This tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your photos and videos, posts on your Wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip file you will have access to your data in a simple, browseable manner. Learn More about downloading a copy of your information.


This is a copy of all of the personal information you've shared on Facebook. In order to protect your information, we will ask for authentication to verify your identity.

Warning: This file contains sensitive information. Because this download contains your profile information, you should keep it secure and take precautions when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

Download your facebook information from here

Note: You must be log on to facebook to see this download page.