Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did You Notice New Sitelinks on Google ? New and Improved Sitelinks

New Sitelinks on Google

Today, I was searching a website and found new way of sitelinks presented by Google.

Normally, Google is displaying sitelinks using anchor text only. See the image below.

But, Today I noticed Google is showing sitelinks with anchor text, description and URL. See the image below.

I checked this for other websites and found, only old way of site links on Google SERP. Did you notice any website in Google with new types of sitelinks ? If you notice new sitelinks on Google for any website then you can post the name of website with the Google query by giving comment here.

Update Official Google Webmaster Central blog update a new post about Introducing new and improved sitelinks

Now these Sitelinks are providing more


You can check details at here

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