Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to Know Page Load Time of any Webpage ? StopWatch Providing Page Load Time of any Website

StopWatch Providing Page Load Time of any Website

Page loading or page speed is one of the factor which directly affect you search engines rankings. So, It is always recommended do not add extra images or flash videos on your website or any of webpage.

If you are looking for any software or website to know how long it takes to load a webpage ? Then StopWarch will measure the time for you.

How StopWatch Works ?

The stopwatch is a small Javascript that runs on your computer (not the Numion server). It measures the time between the moment your browser starts to load the URL and when the browser signals that it has finished ("Done" in the status bar). The measurement therefore includes fetching and interpreting all HTML (including frames), images, and Javascripts. It does not include content that is handled by plugins. If the page is in the cache then the stopwatch will measure the faster loading time (see tip above). The accuracy is the accuracy of the Javascript timer, on most systems 10 milliseconds.

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