Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stat Counter Free Invisible Counter for Tracking Visitor in New Beta Version - Do You Like StatCounter's New Design ?

What is StatCounter ?

StatCounter is free invisible web tracker service like Google Analytics.

Stat Counter New Beta Version

Recently StatCounter, changes their website design, structure and launched beta version. The beta version is looking very much attractive.

Some of new changes in New StatCounter Beta Version are

(a) Now you can check Google SERP position by clicking Recent Keyword Activity, means it will be also show the Google SERP rank position with your keywords.

(b) A new drop down menu is added for selecting different projects.

StatCounter Beta Design - Do You Like Stat Counter New Design ?

Some professionals only like the old page of stat counter. If you also want to Switch to Old StatCounter. Then find Switch to Old StatCounter below Feedback at right hand side of the page.

I am using StatCounter for my many websites from last 3 years and find its the one of the best free counter after Google Analytics.

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  1. StatCounter provides the basic information of your exclusive visits and web page perspective beyond and this is a reason I used it as a visitor tracker but for keyword ranking I use "SERC tool" as it is simple to use and even I can check it out for as many result I want it to any search engines.