Saturday, August 6, 2011

Subdomain on Hubpages - Each Hubber will get his own Subdomain

Subdomain on Hubpages

If you have account on hubpages, then you will surely get an email from hubpages regarding new subdomain on hubpages.

Hubpages will migrate account to Subdomain

Mail Received from Hubpages

We have some good news! As you may have read on our blog, HubPages has decided to give each Hubber his or her own subdomain on HubPages, as a way to restore Google traffic to high-quality Hubs. For example, our CEO Paul Edmondson's new home on HubPages is

Your subdomain, which is based on your username, will be You can migrate your account to your subdomain at any time between now and August 10 by visiting your subdomain page.

Please note that we will begin migrating to subdomains on Wednesday, August 10, so if you don't move to your subdomain by then, then we will migrate your account for you.

Your subdomain will host your profile, and all of your Hubs will also be located under your subdomain. Please note that all existing links to your Hubs and profile will work—they will simply be redirected to the new pages under your subdomain. You can read more about subdomains in the Learning Center.

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