Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Useful Tips for Writing Article - How to Write Content for Promoting your Website ?

Content or article is one of the major thing if you are promoting your website. Without content your website is nothing. Content is SEO on page activity. For writing useful article focus on the following activities

7 Useful Tips for Writing Article

(1) Title of Article: Try to make attractive and useful title of the article. Title should be unique.

(2) Keywords in Title:
Include specified keywords in the title tag. Include main keywords in the title of the article.

(3) Article Length:
Article length should be 400-500 words. Try to write article in specific manner.

(4) Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Avoid keyword stuffing, Target no more than 2 specific keywords per page. Use the keywords wherever they seem appropriate, and wherever their appearance seems unnatural, don’t use them.

(5) Write Article in Paragraphs:
Write content in paragraphs. Use title for starting another paragraph. You can also use steps for writing articles.

(6) Stay on Topic: Always stay on the topic. Try to explain your article in deeply. So, that user can show their interest in articles.

(7) Use How To, What are:
Try to start the topic with How to, What are, So that is should look attractive.

Remember good article will be always recommended by others.

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