Saturday, September 3, 2011

11 Important SEO Interview Questions with Answers

SEO Interview Questions

If you are looking for SEO interview question then here is the list of important SEO interview question which may be asked for the post of SEO Executive, Sr. SEO Executive, SEO Team Lead, SEO Project Lead, SEO Project Manager.

1 Question: Tell some online brand management tools

Answer: Google Alerts, Technorati, Backtype, Yacktrack

2 Question: What is What do you love ?

Answer: A new service by Google launched on 28th June 2011 (Get more of what you love by searching across numerous Google products with one click)

3 Question: In Google Lore – What are ‘Hilltop’, ‘Florida’, and ‘Big Daddy’?

Answer: Hilltop: An old and often contested algorithm that calculates PageRank based on expert documents and topical relevancy. The theory behind it was to decrease the possibility of manipulation from buying high PR links from off topic pages.

Florida: The highly controversial update implemented by Google in November of 2003, much to the chagrin of many seasonal retail properties.

Big Daddy: A test data center used by Google to preview algorithm changes.

4 Question: What is PAD ? How you can use it for SEO purposes ?

Answer: PAD (Portable Application Description) is xml based file. For SEO, I can use it for my software related website and can submit PAD file to various software related websites like,, etc.

5 Question: What is A/B testing and multivariate testing ?

Answer: Multivariate testing is a process by which more than one component of a website may be tested in a live environment. It can be thought of in simple terms as numerous A/B tests performed on one page at the same time. A/B tests are usually performed to determine the better of two content variations, multivariate testing can theoretically test the effectiveness of limitless combinations.

6 Question: What is Page Segmentation ?

Answer: Page segmentation is all about to track the site visitors like which are the landing pages and exit pages. So that you can have a brief idea that how can you improve exit pages content and design to make it more convenient for the landing user.

7 Question: If you are using blogger (blogspot) in Google webmaster and submitting your sitemap then how much pages will be in sitemap by default ?

Answer: 26

8 Question: What is difference between +1 button and +1 project ?

Answer: +1 button is similar to like button for example you can recommend a page to others by +1 button. Nowadays. its showing in Google SERP near to Title. Google + project is social media website similar to Facebook and we can say competitor of Facebook.

9 Question: How you can search a particular keyword from a website ?

Answer: With this operator keyword

10 Question: What is Google Trends ?

Answer: A service by Google where you can find what are the hot searches in all over the world.

11 Question: What does the 302 server response code signify ?

Answer: The page has temporarily moved.


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