Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to Decrease the File Size of Photo Using MS Paint ?

Decrease the File Size of Heavy Photo or Image

If you have a heavy size photo lets say 5 MB and you want to send that photo to your friend but you have slow internet connection then a option for you available with the help of MS Paint. You can decrease the file size of that photo using MS Paint. Follow the following steps to decrease the size of photo or image using MS Paint.

Step 1: Open the image using MS Paint.

Step 2: Now enter Ctrl + w (see below) with help of keyboard.

Step 3: Adjust horizontal and vertical percentage, Lets say change it to 50%. (You can change according to your requirement)

Step 4: Now save the image using new name (Use menu Bar of MS Paint as File -> Save As -> File name -> Save as type) as type JPEG or GIF.

Now check the size of the that file, It will be reduced in to KBs and you can send that photo easily to your friend using slow internet connection.

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