Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is Image Optimization ? What is Alt Tag ? How to do Image Optimization ?

Image Optimization: Image Optimization is one of the part of On Page Optimization. If you have images in your website and you want to promote your images then you can do this by the image optimization. Nowadays Google search engine is giving importance to images. Many people are searching only images in search engines.

What is Alt Tag ?
Image Optimization can be do with help of Alt Tag. Alt Tag is used for image optimization. Alt Text may be used for image name.

How to do Image Optimization

(1) First of all give proper image name for your image.

(2) Second use Alt Tag.

See the Example below

For Example: I want to add image related to "Computer" in my server (in my website). I will do the following activities for this.

(1) I will upload image

(2) I will give good name of the image specially "Computer" so that my URL should be Your image may be of any format .gif, .bmp, .jpeg, .bmp, .jpg

Importnat Always ignore (Ignore this types of name like "img4" or "123img" etc. only give relevant theme based name to your image)

(3) Use Alt Tag in your website image URL as follows

<img src="" alt="computer" />

By this you can do image optimization.

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