Monday, July 18, 2011

What is Facebook Lexicon ?

What is Facebook Lexicon ?

Facebook Lexicon was launched on April 2008 and is similar tool to Google Trends which tell about the hot topics. What people are searching ?

Exact definition of Facebook Lexicon, a tool where you can see the buzz surrounding different words and phrases on Facebook Walls. Lexicon pulls from the wealth of data on Facebook without collecting any personal information in order to respect everyone's privacy. It can also provide the graph for a particular keyword.

But right now Facebook Lexicon is not working and has been closed by Facebook.

You will get the following message, If you go to Facebook Lexicon

Thank you for your interest in Lexicon. We are removing the Lexicon product from Facebook for the time being. We may bring components of Lexicon back in the future, but we are focusing development on our analytics tools for Page owners, advertisers and Platform developers.

If you ever use Facebook Lexicon then you can share your view about Facebook Lexicon by giving comment here !

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