Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Again Blue Arrow on Google Homepage - Click Here to Start Sharing on Google+

Again Blue Arrow on Google Homepage - Promotion of Google+

I already discuss about blue arrow on Google Homepage. Today, on dated 30th November 2011, Again I found blue arrow is showing on Google Homepage ( and below mentioned message is appearing above Google logo.

"Click here to start sharing on Google+

Google really want to promote Google+ that's why you can see a blue arrow on Google Homepage.

Also, today is birthday of Mark Twain' 176th birthday and Google is showing blue arrow above the Google Doodle logo of Mark Twain Birthday. See the snapshot below.

Google Blue Arrow

Did you join Google + by Clicking Blue Arrow ?

A question came to my mind how many people joined Google+ by clicking this blue arrow ?

You can share your valuable comments on this topic.


  1. You could block it with AdBlock and the following custom rule, ##DIV#mgmhppd which I found on 11/30/2011. Today the custom rule is already not working.

    So Google is deliberately doing this to those who go out of their way to block it. As if that will convince them to use Google+ now...

  2. no, I didn't join, and I even tried to block that blue bar with AdBlock Plus because I find it really annoying.
    I hope they remove it soon...

  3. Now that that blue band with the arrow in it is there, the curser is no longer in the search text box and it's driving me crazy. What can I do?

  4. I hated the Black bar and so did alot of other people. I hate the blue bar and so do alot of other people. Google does not listen to its users. Google forces its will upon users reguardless of what opinions are. It wont help to complain. Your voice does not matter. Google has demostrated this over and over again. Google will eventually go the way of netflix. They did not listen to their users either.

  5. At least I haven't done it. The ad it's pretty annoying, really

  6. Really annoying, got me today. Google, you are going the wrong way. Has their marketing/xEO changed or what.

  7. There's another way to deal with this issue and send a message to google at the same time. Stop using it.
    Of course this will only work if huge numbers do it but if every one starts using Yahoo, Bing or one of the up and coming engines like Duck Duck Go for a while, then google may get the message.


    I probably won't use Bing due to my bias against Mirosoft but there's nothing wrong with Yahoo that I can see.


    It's a trap! Moving the web towards identifying individuals and their social networks, analyzing exactly what they do to for market research and advertising purposes. The privacy ramifications are massive.