Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is App Center? Find Great Social Games - Showing on - Do You Like New Home Page of

What is Facebook App Center? 

If you are using then you will notice Facebook has changed their Home Page from last two three days. A new image containing App Center (Find great social games) is showing on the home page on the Facebook (Previously there was a mobile photo which is now replaced by this image.) You can find great social games by clicking this image.

Actually it is an Application Center which is providing various Games and you can join any application or games for your own interest by clicking this image having direct URL is (

The two games The Ville and SimCity Social are showing on this image. (Might be these are sponsors)

Do You Like the New Home Page of Facebook?

I personally do not like the new home page of Facebook and it is looking very odd. You can also share your view about the new look of's Home Page.

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