Thursday, August 30, 2012

Google Started a New Way of Promotion of Google Chrome - Above Black Bar Navigation Bar - Do You Like It?

Google Started a New Way of Promotion of Google Chrome

Google always using new way for promotion of Google Chrome. This time Google is experiment with a Blue background text above the black bar navigation on the Home Page of with promotional text as follows

Discover a faster way to browse the web. Install Google Chrome No thanks

Do You Like It?

What do you think about this new blue line on I personally feel Google want to promote their browser more and more that's why we are seeing this promotional text for Google Chrome on the Home Page of Google.

So, Do you like this idea? You can share your valuable thoughts about this.


  1. I really do NOT like this blue bar coming up every time I open Firefox, and even though I click "no thanks", it still comes up.

    How do I ger rid of it please?

  2. I'm now looking for a search engine without this annoying ad.

  3. I am about to download chrome and never use it just to kill that annoying bar. Whatever happened to the Google motto "DON'T BE EVIL?" The fact that Sergey and Larry are trying to snipe Firefox users on the Firefox Browser with a bar that cannot removed is below the belt as far as I am concerned. If anyone knows how to remove this bar please post!

  4. I have Chrome downloaded for the purpose of testing but don't use it otherwise so getting this pop-up is really irritating.
    I am thinking of going to instead if Google doesn't remove this soon.

  5. I have Chrome installed, but I use IE. It still comes up every time.

  6. I found this on another site Hope it helps
    If you click the close X then Google creates a special cookie in local DOM storage (webappsstore.sqlite).
    If that cookie is lost or doesn't get created then that pop-up reappears.

    [/questions/916564] removing Chrome popup installer