Friday, August 17, 2012

Google Added 13 New Languages in Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search - 13 New Languages

Previously, there was only one language i.e. English for Google Voice Search. Now a good news Google Voice Search Added 13 new languages. Hope there will be one of your national language, which Google added recently in voice search.

List of 13 Languages Added in Google Voice Search

You can try Google Voice Search in the below mentioned 13 languages

1) Basque
2) Bulgarian
3) Catalan
4) European Portuguese
5) Finnish
6) Galician
7) Hungarian
8) Icelandic
9) Norwegian
10) Romanian
11) Serbian
12) Slovak
13) Swedish

Did you try Google Voice Search in the above mentioned languages? What is your experience for using these languages in Google Voice Search. You can share your valuable comments!

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