Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Did You Play Google Doodle Hurdle Game Which Google Made for London Olympics 2012?

Play Google Doodle Hurdle

Yesterday On 7th August 2012, Google made beautiful Doodle for London Olympics Hurdle 2012. Actually, Google made a beautiful game for playing hurdle. Its very interesting to play this. Many IT professional or people who are using internet had already played this game and there might be many who did not know about this doodle.

Google Doodle - Hurdle London Olympics 2012

So, If you missed the opportunity to play Google Doodle Hurdle then do not be panic here you can play Google Doodle Hurdle 2012.

I Played the Google Hurdle Game Now - Very Interesting

I also missed the opportunity to play this game and I played this game right now and I completed hurdle with 12.9 seconds with two starts given by Google.

My Record - 12.9 Seconds

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