Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe Game 2012 for London Olympics 2012

Google Doodle Slalom Canoe 2012 Game 

Today, 9th August 2012, Google Doodle made beautiful doodle for Slalom Canoe London Olympics 2012. Instead of saying it Doodle we can say it slalom canoe game which is very interesting to play. 

Starting - Slalom Canoe
At Middle
Finish Point
How to Play Slalom Canoe?

If you want to play slalom canoe game then just visit (for 9th August 2012) for permanent link you can play by visiting here For playing this game use the left and right arrow keys with the help of keyboard.

What is the Best Score for this Game?

I played this slalom canoe game on Google Doodle and I made it in 33.9 seconds and I got one star for this. I think it is not best score. Anyone can compete this score easily. So you can try this and share your score here.

People are Installing Keywords Software for Breaking Records - Not Good Idea

Some people are installing keyword software for arrow keys and space key for breaking records and they are cheating with Google. I think they are doing wrong things. I am recommending to all share your own original scores and try to make it manually without using any cracking software.

I think it is time for Google Doodle season and It is also one of the best and interesting game similar to Google Doodle Hurdle and Google Doodle Basketball


  1. I really like this game..My record is 27.9 seconds I think it difficult to achieve below 20 seconds..

  2. all images are very nice.Today (August 09, 2012, Thursday) Google is featuring “slalom canoe” by showing the Doodle “London 2012 slalom canoe“. very amazing doodle today...