Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Manage Google AdSense Account with Multiple Users?

Tips for Making Admin to Someone Else in Google Adsense

Google Adsense provides a very good opportunity for those who want to make admin to someone else in Adsense. You can add multiple users in Adsense who can access one Adsense account. You can make admin to your business partners, friends, employees or any other who is very close to you. This service is launched by Adsense in July 2012.

Steps for Making Admin to Others in Google Adsense?

(1) Log on to your "Google Adsense" account.

(2) Go to Account Settings (You can find on the left hand side bar below "Payments" section)

(3) Now find the option of "Access and authorization" and from where you can find a invitation offer box. Enter you friend Email ID or someone else email ID to whom you want to make admin (Make sure your friend should not have already Adsense account)

Google Adsense provide a very useful and helpful section for process for making Admin to someone else.

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