Tuesday, August 21, 2012

3 Billion Page Views and 150 Million Unique Visitor Received by Yahoo for London Olympics 2012

Do You Know What Did Yahoo Behind the 2012 Olympic Games?

As Google was busy for making doodle for each and every day for London Olympics 2012. Similar, Yahoo was also busy for updating the news related to London Olympics 2012.

Yahoo! published The Yahoos Behind the 2012 Olympic Games, according to this Yahoo received the following figures in terms of traffic.

Number of Page Views: 3 Billion

150 million unique visitors

And I think these are amazing traffic figures.

The 2012 Olympic Games were amazing, in more ways than one. Yahoo! surpassed 3 billion page views and reached 150 million unique visitors worldwide across computer, mobile and tablet platforms. The Yahoo! Sports team delivered a 24/7 Olympics experience with 25 local sites and 12 languages integrated with social features, essential stories, real-time data and gaming. Meet some of the team responsible for bringing the world the 2012 London Games: engineers, product and marketing managers from Yahoo! Sports, Mobile and Connected TV! 

Hope Google will also share their traffic figures for London Olympics 2012 .

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