Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Recover from Panda Update - Advise by Matt Cutts

How to Recover from Panda Update ?

Google Panda update affected many websites through out the world. If your website is affected by last Google Panda update then you can see Matt Cutts video that is advising how can you recover from Panda Update.

Actually, One of the webmaster asked the following question from Matt Cutts

Hi Matt I understand that the recent farmer update (Panda) gives a penalty for poor content. Given the penalty scrapers have been outranking original sites. Should webmasters spend time in fighting scrapers directly or work on the poor content?

And Matt gives the answer by video. You can also watch this video in Google Webmaster Help on You Tube

Matt Cutts is advising improve your website content. If your website have lower content or not good content then remove that pages which have not value for users. Update your website content and post only quality content to your website.

I think, This conclude only content is king to recover from Panda Update.


  1. The best thing you can do is to review the content on your site and rewrite or remove any content that doesn't improve your user's experience. If you have duplicate content, get rid of it, or consider adding the rel-canonical tag to pages with identical content in order to return a single URL result.

  2. Really very useful tips shared here to recover from panda update. Thanks for making great effort to share this here.