Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where is Google Second Search Box ?

Google Second Search Box is Missing

If you are using Google on regular basis then you will notice Google is changing many things on their homepage. Now, Google did a very big change. The second search box of Google is not showing on Google SERP's I think it happening from last two to three months. Actually, I want to update this change before but due to lack of time I could not write on this topic. I think from last September, 2011 Google is not showing the second search box on Google search engine result pages.

Why Google removed the Second Search Box ?

I think due to Google Instant Google removed the second search box.

Browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome You cannot see Google's second search box.

Google Second Search Box Removed

But in IE 6 you can see Google's second search box.

Google 2nd Search Box on IE

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