Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Add Users in StatCounter for Sharing Website Traffic ?

Add Users in StatCounter for Sharing Your Website Traffic

If you are running a website and using StatCounter (Free Counter) on your website and want to share your website traffic details with any of your friend then you can do it very easily using StatCounter. Actually StatCounter is providing the same feature as Google Analytics providing for adding admin.

How To Add User - Making Someone to Admin in StatCounter

Four simple steps will guide how easily you can "Add Users" in StatCounter.

Step 1: Login to Your StatCounter account. Click on "Users" as shown below.

StatCounter Add User

Step 2: You will be redirect to a new page where you can see list of users. Now click on "Add Another User" as shown below.

Step 3:
After clicking "Add Another User" you will redirect to a new page from where you can add any of your friend to which you want to share your StatCounter traffic for any of your project.

Adding Users Stat Counter

Step 4: You have many option like "Access Rights" and "Project Access"

Access Rights
you can choose any one of the following access.

(a) Admin (full access to ALL projects)
(b) Web Designer
(c) Billing
(d) Stats Viewer
(e) Summary Stats Viewer

Project Access You can assign any of project. If you want to show only one website details then you can do so using "Project Access".

Hope this guide will help you alot regarding adding a user in StatCounter.

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